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HYLA Audio Nerva X & CE-05 Impression thread

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  1. tskeng
    I'm using AET07 Large tips. Didn't bother trying other tips as this pairing already sounds fantastic!
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  2. alphanumerix1
    I've settled on fads tips which im very happy with. Basically stock but better seal for me.
  3. Marvellous_DAP
    Tried different tips for Hyla (Comply, Spinfit, Spiraldots, Symbio, with different sizes from S-L) and found Acoustune the best tips for me. Interesting that it was not as ideal when using it on Oriolus (which comply small tips worked best for me), but perfect seal and comfort when used on Hyla.

    Tried AET07 and AET08. AET08 just stays on my Hyla since tried. The bass. Wow.

  4. hensi
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  5. ctaxxxx
    I FINALLY got the Acoustune tips in after being stuck in customs for almost a month!

    AET07 definitely has a clearer sound. I hear more linear treble and extension. The stiff bore is good for the slippery nozzle as well.

    AET08 has a tighter bore with a different shape for smaller nozzles. The fit isn't perfect as a result. I think these should be pushed all the way down on the nozzle.

    Compared to Spiral Dots, I think they sound a little tighter/detailed since the bore is really stiff. Though its sounds like it boosts the lower treble too, which I found a little harsh.

    I have both tips in small, but the Acoustune seem like Spinfits with a much stiffer bore. I think I like the Hyla with the AET07 the best now. Been using the stock foam, which can sound congested despite the comfort.

    Edit: I might order mediums for the Oriolus. Hopefully, no customs hold up this time.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
  6. gabetjh
    anyone tried the ce-5 and the andros?
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  7. alphanumerix1
    Not directly but yes.

    I prefer the tuning on the andros but the hylas bass is next level. My ideal iem would he a hybrid with andro tuning and dd baselines like the hylas. One can dream.
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  8. MXRaia
    Just picked up a Hyla CE-5 for myself. What incredible bass this thing has.
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  9. gabetjh
    you guys should try Hyla CE-5 with Shanling M0. perfect pairing!
  10. MXRaia
    I'm a big fan of Zeppelin and Co.'s recommended setup (Hyla CE-5 + Acoustune AET07 tips + a resolving, low impedance source).

    Thinking of which upgrade cable to add, since I'm still on the stock cable. Any suggestions?
  11. rq1111
    I also bought mine from there. You can try acoustune cable. I bought one with 4.4mm penteconn plug for my wm1a. The blackground become more black which in turn the treble feels more enjoyable and detail. Now, my setup is CE-5, Wm1a, acoustune AET-07 tip and cable. I have been enjoying this setup.
  12. MXRaia
    That's funny! So you, @gabetjh , and I all bought the CE-5 from Zeppelin.

    Sure, I'll try out the Acoustune cable they have. Acoustune makes some top quality stuff.
  13. gabetjh

    haha so it’s you! they mentioned that the stock cable is pretty decent and i didn’t wanna spend more haha

    anyways not sure whether i’m the only one but when i here all of me by john legend, i hear like a robotic metallic sound during the chorus. can someone verify?
  14. papa_mia
    Just 5 more minutes mom......
  15. SeeSax
    My turn to join the party, hopefully I receive my CE-5 tomorrow or Wednesday. All this raving about the bass, I'm really eager to see how it compares with my Legend-X which is the new reigning bass champ. Hoping for a little less quantity and slightly more control, but we'll see. I've got an arsenal of cables to try out with the CE-5 as well. Loving the Oriolus Reborn, I figured I'd try some of their other flavors and this should be right up my alley. I enjoy energetic, sparkly highs. Will check back in once I've had some listening time!

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