HURRY!!! Pls help me to CHOOSE!!! HD218i or CX300?
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Aug 9, 2014
Hi, since there is a chance that I can get either one of them for 65% off, I would like to get one of them for portable use. It doesn't matter if it was in ear or over ear, all I want is a strong bass, decent mid and a decent high. I mostly listen to epic music and some pop. And the power supply will be my iPhone 5 and the 2nd generation of iPod touch.

So which one will suit me better?
Sennheiser HD218i or
Sennheiser CX300

BTW, portable is not a problem for me.
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I think you'll be happier with the HD218i out of the two, the CX300's bass depends more on a good fit being an in-ear, and they are a little less clear.

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Thank you for your advise, now there is one more option to choose : the sennheiser MM50
Any other opinion?
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The MM50 is better than the CX300 but you will still need a good seal to benefit from the bass of the MM50. If you've had in-ear headphones before and they fitted well, the MM50 could be an option.
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Oh god the CX300 is horrible. Fake CX300's sound about the same as real CX300's I just replied to another thread asking a similar question. What's your budget? Canal-phone, IEM, or earphone? 
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I have a super low budget.... Just $40 CAD
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I am thinking.... Is $37.49 worth for a HD218i......
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Now there is a bit more option for me.....
The following is in CAD
So the headphone/earphone I can get is:
Sennheiser HD 218i for $37.49
Sennheiser CX 300 for $39.99
Sennheiser MM 50 for $34.99
Sennheiser PX 200 for $64.99

Beyerdynamic DTX 710 for $44.99
Beyerdynamic DTX 71IE for $59.99

Logitech UE4000 on ear headphones with noise isolating for $39.99

Shure SE112-GR for $59.99

I am not so interested in sony because they usually have kind of overwhelming base for me.

Thank you very much!!!
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Please I need a answer since I will be purchasing the headphone tomorrow because it is the last day of sale.
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Shure SE115-GR, though its only $49 in the states. PX200 is also a good option, but most people prefer the PX100 (a classic, truly good). Is the PX200-II or PX200 (same with the 100's, is it PX100-II or PX100)? The original version is better...
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Great it was PX-200-ii
So now priority is Shure SE115-GR and PX200-ii
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Anyone got some opinion on the Beyerdynamic DTX 710?
I can't find much review about it.

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