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Hurricane Balls -- the coolest toy you've never seen.

  1. IPodPJ
    Absolutely amazing.....   I have to buy a pair of these.  These would be the perfect stocking stuffer for a child or an adult.
    This video of them being demonstrated is also on the page linked above, but here's a direct link to a WMV of it:
    There are also some other very cool toys and gadgets on this site.  You'll be glad you checked it out.
  2. Samgotit
    That would have made Inception worth watching.
  3. Tronz
    That's cool.
  4. El_Doug Contributor
    I'm just wondering how the hell they managed to weld those together! 
  5. JoonBug
    That's unreal!!! [​IMG] Thanks for the link.
  6. Hellbishop
    Great Scott London! Magic Science! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] And with such wonderful zappy futuristic colors!
    Thanks for the direct link to the wmv and to the website IPodPJ[​IMG]
  7. sphinxvc

  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Very cool! I'll have to order some for the kiddos. Thanks!
  9. koolkat


    electric arc? 
  10. sari0n
    I wonder how fast those will go with an air compressor xD
  11. Armaegis
    Over 9000?
  12. fatcat28037 Contributor
  13. koolkat
  14. IPodPJ


    Yes, certainly pricey.  But unless you have a welder with 800 amps of current, not sure how you would make your own.
  15. Armaegis
    Maybe a bit of J-B Weld instead?

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