Human + Big Headphones + Streets = Weird?
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May 25, 2009
i've the habit of sticking my headphones whereever i go...
because that i really get bored if had nothing to wear on my i bring my ad500 to school , streets...etc..
but the funny part is that , why people always thinks that it weird to bring such things in front of public?

share your opinions here
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Probably just because its not a common sight!
If more of you did so, eventually people would not raise their eyebrows at all...
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It is weird x2.
Big headphones are not meant to be taken to school or whatever. You'll look ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by olblueyez /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Women like confident men. Get caught worrying about how you are perceived and you will die a virgin.

agreed...but there is smthg known as style...wearing DJ headphones around the neck is cool...but wearing K1000 on head is not getting you laid buddy.
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Originally Posted by olblueyez /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Women like confident men. Get caught worrying about how you are perceived and you will die a virgin.

haha! nice!


its only weird if you wear them and you don't start street rapping
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Because it is weird.

nope. it's usually the person who is considering it weird, who is weird. same kinda people who'd look funny at someone with coloured or alternative hairstyle, different fashion to themselves, etc etc... they basically lead sheltered lives imo... and who made them judge of what is weird anyway?


Originally Posted by yourstruly
Big headphones are for use at home. Portable headphones are to be used outside. It's just about using things for their intended purposes.

yes & no.... big open cans are for indoors, or big open cans with lot's of protruding wires that may get snagged when outside. big closed cans with a sensible cable length are cool for outside.

headphones aren't meant to be fashion y'know! it's just that some people feel the need to include them in their fashion statement / some people crave more attention than others. isn't this a skull candy topic?
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", weirdness too.

If strapping two banana milk-shakes to the side of your head makes the world a better place for you, then you go right ahead and do it - ditto headphones.

If other people think big headphones outdoors are weird then too bad for them. They suffer from a kind of suburbia of the brain. You, on the other hand, most likely have a surfer-dude-in-a-hut-on-the-beach brain... it's a gift, chill out, enjoy!
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It is AD500 and people may look at you because it's really big, the shape is totally weird, it leaks a lot of sound, and/or you yourself look worse than the headphone.

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yes its wierd. who isnt on here? most normals would think we are all mad for spending any more than about £20 on headphones. i say sod them all, what does it matter if they think you are weird, you get to live in your own acoustic bubble of bliss.

however i wouldnt, fullsized are just too impractical for me, have you thought about a pair of good IEM's?

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