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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. Ragnar-BY
    Well, not for all. TT2 is very powerful device. With 1,5W at 50 Ohm load it have more power than majority of dedicated headphone amplifiers. It is more than enough for most headphones. Still, there are power hungry headphones like HiFiMan HE6, Susvara and Abyss 1266. These headphones would not show their full potential from single ended output.
  2. greyforest
    What worries me is that the remote control function is built within the fpga.....
  3. racebit
    But that is for sure fine, or else your TT2 would not work. The remote part inside FPGA is software, and that does not break, it can only have a bug, but there would be same bug on all TT2s, and no remote would work.
    If the fault is at TT2, then it is some hardware remote specific, such as remote window or remote receiver. But again it is more likely it is a remote issue. Don't you have another Chord remote you can try, or at your dealer?
  4. miketlse
    What brand or battery did you use? A well known brand like Duracell, or some generic brand that could also have been near the 'use by' date, possibly resulting in the voltage being a bit borderline to power the remote?
  5. drummerdimitri
    From the website specs: 288 mW RMS 300Ω; 7.3 W RMS 8Ω

    This is for the unbalanced connection. Are they referring to the RCA at the back or SE HP output?
  6. greyforest
    Already sold my hugo2

    Besides that my tt2 sometimes stop outputting any sound(also there is no light shine through the tt2 window) during playbacks, i am pretty sure the usb connection is not lost(same cable and port as Hugo2)

    If I restart the playback the sound is back and normal but after maybe 30min of continuous playing the phenomenon may occurs randomly.
  7. greyforest
    I tried the battery came with the remote and some other decent battery made in japan. They measures full with meters

    I don’t think battery is the issue here, cause when the remote is working it’s very responsive. I can even point it towards the opposite wall and still make it to work
  8. Ragnar-BY
    RCA and HP output on the front panel are connected to the same output. No difference there, only connector types.
  9. bluenight
    Thats maybe hearable people saying Direct Stream sounds soft compared to qutest.
  10. bluenight
    When comparing did you ever listen to TT2 alone with source direct connected to TT2 inputs and mscaler hoocked off? Because i can think that the passthrough from mscaler can degrade the soundquality for the TT2 because it have to passthrough more cables and electronics making the signal path longer. I think the only real comparission to make is to unhock Mscaler when comparing TT2 alone and rehock for mscaled TT2 listening and compare.
  11. alxw0w
    Nope, only pass through mode.
    One more thing. 1M raps really makes the different.
    From blue filter (half milion taps) to white filter (1M taps) the change was bigger than from red filter (pass through) to blue filter.
    I read some information (maybe on audiobacon site) that even pass through could improve sound because of some of noise canceling or something like that - as I remember correctly.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  12. bluenight
    One can only know if compared that way i suggested hocking mascaler of TT2 compleatly. Maybe the TT2 wouldent have collapsed as much then.
  13. alxw0w
    Maybe I was a bit exaggerating thst sound is collapsing. You know sometimes it's hard to describe in words what you hear. But still for me the difference was huge.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
    bluenight likes this.
  14. rkt31
    TT2+HMS , low gain and xfeed 1, hd650 directly into tt2 is unbelievably refined and extremely enjoyable. First time i liked headphones at par or even better in some areas to my speaker system.
  15. kelly200269
    ‘Passthrough’ via the MScaler to TT2 is in the digital domain, not analogue.
    Pass-though in this way would have had an extremely negligible, if any at all, impact on this arrangement, compared to TT2 ‘direct’.
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