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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. Amberlamps
    Hi my name's Tel and on today's episode of pursuit perfect system we have;

    The wonders of multi thousand pound none consumer upgradeable technology.

    If Roon give Chord a code, then every mscaler and tt2 sold to date will not have said code embedded in them.

    A firmware upgrade SD card slot or jtag dongle would of been cool so that one can add new features as time goes on. Thats one aspect of Chord devices that I personally dislike, as it would of been too easy to add such an option, but they didn't, and I love me updates.
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  2. Mediahound
    I literally think 'Roon tested' 'Roon ready' just means Roon creates a logo for the device since both the MScaler and the Hugo TT2 worked fine in Roon before when selecting any other Chord device in the Roon setup.

    That said, I see that now there are specific icons for the Mscaller and TT2 in Roon available.

    Both are now 'Roon Tested' according to an email I just received from Roon.
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  3. bluenight
    This is what the grun does.

    The back of my streamer https://images.app.goo.gl/DgCf1VdtUhoVCP9fA

    Here i used the grun conected to spare RCA input via Grun RCA – female adapter
    Pseudo-balanced aproach first with grun rca connected to spare rca socket. At first i tried this connecting the grun rca to my spare digital spdif rca input. I think that may just have lead back rfi to the digital side corupting the signal even more for hugo 2. Now later i had a listen with the grun rca connected to spare controll bus rca. Now hugo2 direct driving HD800S sounded more alright but still not as good when as i used the Independent ground aproch with the sheilding of the rca on the mavros cable leadibg away the rfi to the grun power adapter conected to one outlet of my niagara 1000 power strip that has ground noise disipation system which may help the results even more. You can also connect the power adapter to grounded wall outlets. Power outlet most be grounded for it to work.

    Independent Ground
    Grun cables connected via power adapter to system ground is the best way.

    Also i asked man behind atlas cables kevin kelly on mail why he dident reccomend the spare rca socket aproach or the way gutwire cables work.


    "The designer of the electronic product manages the internal voltages and in some products the 0V reference (the outside portion of the RCA input plugs) is connected to the safety earth (ground) at some point in the product (as well as the metal chassis connection). The place where this is connected and the internal path ways are the places where “Audio designers” can control system noise. So if you randomly connect up an external ground to a 0v in a place not intended then you can randomise the sound (e.g, you might make one or some some combinations sound better) but others will sound worse.

    We only redirect RFI/EMI from the cable screen to earth and do not try to alter the 0v return paths in the product."

    They also have usb cable with grun if anyone interested
  4. bluenight
    Umm i think is not that simple as a simple wooden box i dont know whats inside. They started 1999 and have probebly perfected it. But yeah the cost of making that wooden box couldent be anywear near £3000. Maybe you pay for the researsh and labour. But yeah could be cheaper. Or maybe you pay for the sound quality improvement whatever the cost of production costed in this audio world. New 65 inch tvs always have same price for exempel almost when new and better then previous generation. But in the audio world when something is better you have to pay much higher price it seems. Everyone got to eat right.
  5. bluenight
    Well you can live blind folded or try.
  6. bluenight
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  7. dawktah2
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  8. Rob Watts
    No my previous posts were correct - you are forgetting one thing - the volume control has digital gain possibilities, which allows you to increase the volume for quiet tracks. The gain can go as high as +18 dB when you set the volume to max - and if you were to put in a -18dBFS signal, everything would be fine. But anything higher than that and the DAC will clip on it's analogue outputs.

    So -3dB low or high gain will give you 3v RMS in ultra low distortion all the time, guaranteed. But in low gain mode it can only output a maximum of 3.3v RMS; so if you set the volume to -2dB it will clip with the maximum input possible of 0dBFS. If you need more than 3.3v RMS then set it to high gain mode, when now you can have 9.4v RMS max. output - so now you can go to +6dB on the volume without fear of it ever clipping.
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  9. musickid
    The chord icons in roon mean two things. 1) Nice artwork and 2) by picking the relevant symbol for your device roon automatically adjusts it's internal dsp and system settings to what it considers to be the best parameters for said device. there is no imaginary roon chip which will suddenly be fitted to chord gear. on the question of whether it only works with usb it should make no difference if you use optical as by picking the icon you are basically just selecting a combination of predetermined presets in the settings. i would just stick to manual selection of settings. although i understand some of us crave the artwork. under apple devices my imac has no icon but roon sees it as built in output ie my optical out from my imac. i just had a mental block with how to spell sees.

    NB the box contains secret crystals and minerals but there's still no plug for 3K. If i won the lottery i'd buy one to sit on and one to resonate with.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  10. Triode User
    I have searched on Roon's web site and can find no mention of this. Do you have any more information about what is automatically adjusted? All I can see that Roon ready devices have been thoroughly tested to make sure they work properly with Roon.
  11. Mediahound
    All Roon does is put in an entry for the Roon Tested device. Then, when you choose that device, it sets the settings to the capabilities of the device for what it supports, ie. up to 768, exclusive mode, all that. There is no special signal or anything like that. In fact, these settings are the same ones you can set yourself in Roon at any time, for any device. So it's just a preset in Roon. There is also no special invisible DSP per device that is set.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  12. Triode User
    Thanks. That’s what I thought.
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  13. musickid
    It must be identical to the audeze headphone presets. so you pick your headphone icon and roon automatically adjusts the eq. and all the other parameters for whichever audeze headphone preset you pick. it must be the same with chord hardware otherwise this whole thing and effort from roon and chord would result in just a tiny little picture and nothing else. as chord is not manufacturing "large" end points or streamers with in built roon recognition software/hardware it can mean nothing else. however with 2go as for poly the roon automatic recognition "chip" must be in built. as in your device will automatically detect roon with no need for you to do anything.

    It's definitely not just sample rate as roon must defining further presets within its settings depending on the icon you pick. otherwise the whole endeavour would be non sensical.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  14. Mediahound
    Incorrect. Those are eq presets for headphones, very different.

    There is not built in eq presents for Chord hardware, nor should there be.
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  15. musickid
    there are many hardware tweaks in roon dsp and audio settings and it makes sense that these are tweaked depending on which chord icon you pick otherwise the whole exercise would just mean a silly little picture and nothing else. i can't believe that.
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