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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. gnomen
    The ProJect Stream Box does what you describe: USB disk source, quality USB output. At £599 it's dearer than the tuners you mention but has hifi level engineering. But how would you select and manage which music plays?
  2. GreenBow
    A while ago I was asking if anyone knew the colours of the volume ball at 2.5V and 3V. Anyway I came across the answer in terms of TT2 numerical values, in a post by Rob Watts. Post #128 of 7231

    This being the relevant text, Quote Rob Watts:
    "DAC mode - outputs are fixed to 2.5v (RCA) 5v RMS (XLR). Volume is disabled.
    Low gain mode: This changes the gain of the amplifier, and limits the output to a maximum of 3V RMS RCA (6V RMS XLR).
    Use the volume control: So setting the volume to -3dB will limit it to 3v RMS, exactly the same as Dave and Hugo 2; so just 4 clicks down (-7 dB) will mean 1.9v RMS maximum.".

    I think since low gain has a max of 3V RMS, then Rob's figure of -3dB must be high gain. Well since low gain can go well above -3dB anyway. (My TT2 foes up to +13dB in low gain.) I would also say that -3dB high gain, colour matches blue to what 3V line level on Hugo 2. Question solved there.

    Cool then, I would be able to set TT2 to 2V RMS (or rather 1.9V RMS) if I wanted. I would use low gain I think to be safe. 1.9V RMS would be -7dB in high gain mode.

    With reference to what @JSQT was talking about recently in the M-Scaler thread. I did find one difference between low and high gain, with respect to components. There is one more resistor used in low gain mode, in the (quote Rob) global feedback path. (Ref: Post #1788 of 7231) However that doesn't tell me if DAC mode differs. Neither would one resistor make a decision for me, haha.

    NOTE: I think Rob might have quoted 3V RMS wrongly at -3dB. I think it might be +3dB in high gain. He says that low gain is maxed out at 3V RMS. Being that +3dB in high gain is +13dB in low gain, the TT2 maxes at +13dB in low gain. Therefore +13dB is low gain maxed on TT2, which Rob says is 3V RMS. (Sorry Rob.)
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  3. GreenBow
    By the way, I had a bit of a shock thought. Since we can blow our TT2 by shorting the wrong pins in making XLR cables. Does it mean that we should buy covers for the XLR sockets on the back of the TT2?

    I know for some users the back of the TT2 would not be anywhere near something conductive. However conductive objects do get near my TT2.

    I am assuming the XLR sockets are live in saying that though. Maybe the XLR sockets switch on when a connection goes across them. I don't know, so I am asking too. I did look for XLR covers but saw none.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  4. GreenBow
    Another 'by the way' post. Anyone wondering about the Ttoby as an amp to run with TT2 etc, the Ttoby has an interesting facet. It uses a switch mode power supply, which means it doesn't have a large toroidal transformer. I 'think' making it ideal to partner in close proximity to TT2 or M-Scaler.
  5. Triode User
    There has been some chat on the Mscaler thread about dac and amp mode on the TT2 and I mention it because the fixed output of Dac mode is -5 L ie low gain and that is 2.5v.

    You mention +3 in high gain being the same as +13 in low gain but Rob has done it in what he thought was a more intuitive way so that the volume of +3 in low gain is the same as +3 in high gain. For instance I have just swopped between -5 in low gain and it has exactly the same volume as -5 in high gain mode. Have you tried listening to +3H and +13L? Then you will understand.
  6. Triode User
    I use a TToby in one of my test systems. It sounds great.

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  7. Amberlamps

    Is there anything you don't have ?

    What are the gps coordinates of your castle and, what dates will you be away on holiday ?

    I promise to not make a mess.
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  8. AndrewOld
    There’s money in them there cables ... :wink:
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  9. Amberlamps
    I shouldn't laugh.

    But :grinning:
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  10. musickid
    Are xlr and rca out automatically powered off with hp mode? i assume so but need to check.
  11. kelly200269
    Yes, the RCA & XLR are both muted in HP mode.
  12. musickid
    thanks there.
  13. GreenBow
    Wasn't totally clear, but was meaning is XLR live when using only RCA out. If so I should get covers for mine.
  14. Triode User
    Yes, the XLR is live unless you have headphones plugged in to a headphone socket in which case the RCA and XLR outputs are disconnected.

    You could plug in a pair of XLR Neutrik plugs that don't have any cable in them. Easy and cheap solution if you really have a problem.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  15. Triode User
    duplicate post
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
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