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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. Triode User
    Sorry to dash your hopes but only recently Rob confirmed (again) that he is not even thinking of a revised Dave at the moment.
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  2. walakalulu
    define ‘better’. Is this any more than just chasing numbers?
  3. Triode User
    Among other things I would define better in this respect as being significantly more transparent.
  4. dawktah2
    My only concern here is that this makes it seem that the DAC in the TT2 is purposefully hobbled not to be the best it could possibly be.
  5. kelly200269
    What the hell makes you think that?
    The simple thing is, is that the DAVE has many more Elements and Taps than the TT2.
    It's a simple situation: 'You pays your money, you takes your choice'! If you want a DAVE, find another four grand!
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  6. rkt31
    Dave is better in tech and transparency than tt2 there is no doubt about that but in some areas tt2 can be a better choice specially if someone is interested in driving difficult headphones and speakers directly through tt2. Adding amp to Dave will demand a matching and expensive amp while tt2 may not require amp in that case. Also adding HMS to tt2 narrows the gap between Dave and tt2 as major work of filtering is done by HMS already.
  7. dawktah2
    Sorry, sorry sorry, I should have said TT2+HMS. DAVE 164,000 taps vs. 1 mil. Response was that more taps isn't always...

    This is what I mean by hobbled. Porsche for example doesn't make its new cars to always be inferior to the old ones. I am not following why the TT2+mScaler has to only "narrow the gap"
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  8. musickid
    It's none of that. An engineer is given a brief which stipulates total cost of materials allowed, performance criteria, final retail price and number of units to be sold etc etc. The engineer given all of those parameters then designs the very best unit he can given those criteria/limits. There is absolutely no "hobbling". With dave however there was an open door with no restrictions on design time and cost as i understand. The dave is the best dac in the world arguably with regards to performance and scientifically measured parameters.... with no design constraints as there were no design constraints. An mscaled dave across the range of musical qualities beats any other combo hands down. Laws of physics apply here.:ok_hand:
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
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  9. dawktah2
    Agreed, I haven't heard either a DAVE or a TT2+mScaler but would love to test head to head

    A DAVE+ blu/mScaler it's NOT in my discussion.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  10. musickid
    It will become part of your "internal" discussion once you hear the TT2 mscaled. It's human nature to be curious.:L3000:
  11. Hooster
    Then why is it less powerful than TT2? Is that not a constraint?
  12. x RELIC x Contributor
    The TT2 analogue out is partially based on the design principles of the upcoming power pulse array amps, not ready at the time DAVE came to market.

    Jeez, power, power power. 99% of the time 2W is PLENTY of power. Good grief.
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  13. musickid
    Since getting the tt2 i've developed the if syndrome. What if i had more resolving headphones? What if changed my roon core? and so on. How do you extinguish this?
  14. musickid
    6am on a rainy Tuesday morn....TT2/HMS.........stunning.

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
  15. N Quarter
    Get a pair of speakers.
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