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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. musickid
    Rk do you get any noise from your unit with brightest display?
  2. rkt31
    No noise of any kind !
  3. musickid
    Good news thanks .
  4. mightyKyn
    anyone did substantial listening to LCD 4 VS LCD 4Z VIA TT2?

    Which wins?

    From all my research.... properly driven the LCD 4 is superior????

    LCD 4 experience via TT2???

    I dont give a damn about weight ... so please... stop beating this dead horse.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  5. mightyKyn
    anyone powering the abyss ab1266 phi tc with TT2??

  6. betula
    I honestly don't believe in the difference of sources. I always thought it is placebo.

    I have however recently swapped my laptop and the sound seems smoother and more spacious compared to my previous old laptop. I did A/B testing too and I can definitely sense a difference. I don't know how it is possible, but the difference is definitely audible.
  7. Ciggavelli
    I am. I was driving my TC with a TT2/Mscaler combo. I thought everything sounded great. I had no complaints. Then I decided to buy a Woo Audio WA33 hp amp, and wow, I didn't know what I was missing. The TC powered by the WA33 is so much more fulfilling. I have more meat, better bass, more impact, etc. However, if I never heard the WA33, I would honestly be happy with just the TT2/Mscaler. A lot of people run the TC with speaker amps, and I understand that now. The TCs love power. You can get a little more power out of the XLR outputs of the TT2, I've heard. I don't have 2 3pin XLR TC headphone cables to test it out though.

    Even after my WA33 purchase, I'm still happy I bought a TT2/M-scaler. The combo is a great dac. Going M-scaler > TT2 > WA33 >TC is one of the best combinations I've ever heard. Others say it rivals even those $50K electrostatics (I don't know, as I've never heard the Shangri-la Sr or the Senn HE-1). While around $25k for everything I have is a costly, it's much cheaper than the $50K electrostatics. Plus, I can also plug in my Utopias, Th900 mk2, and any other headphones I may buy in the future
  8. betula
    There is always better.
    All I know my £6000 investment of Empyrean/TT2 is probably the best combo under 10K. Definitely the best combo for price I have ever experienced.
    This keeps me happy and satisfied as I won't be able to throw 20K in for an audible upgrade anytime soon. :)
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  9. GreenBow
    Few folk asked what headphones I have, and some have been patiently offering opinions when I was deliberating over choosing. (I was using AKG N5005, which were a good deal when I bought them, plus I needed some isolation in the summer from an air-con.) Anyway today I paid for some Focal Stellia, and now to wait for them. Choosing is over, long deliberations are over, and trawling through reviews is over too.

    I like the slightly full sounding signature of my AKG N5005 with Mojo, H2, and TT2. Stellia should be great then with a similar signature, but a lot more detailed and faster.

    Decided on a few factors, but one reason was I needed a headphone that will run on all of my DACs.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
  10. bluenight
    Is it just the TC that sound better with WA33? Or does all your other HP sound better with WA33 you think?
  11. Ciggavelli
    All headphones sounded better, but the TC had the biggest change. It seems that more power improved the TC sound quality more than my Utopias and Th900mk2. I think perhaps going from single ended to balanced XLR helped out as well
    bluenight and jarnopp like this.
  12. jlbrach
    well yeah, the utopia are incredibly efficient and the WA33 would be overkill
  13. jarnopp
    Thanks...maybe...or this is the start of my descent into madness (you can call me Ray, or...) I just tried 1 iFi dc iPurifier on my TT2 and initial impressions are indeed less noise which is “audible” as better instrument separation, depth (on speakers especially), less fatigue, and more precise instrument transients and overall sound. At $99 it’s relativ lay cheap to try. I don’t have an Mscaler so thankfully don’t have to become totally mad, and I’m not sure I’m in a rush to try the AC purifier. I won’t say it’s night and day, and I didn’t feel like I had an issue before, and furthermore it’s hard to believe continual improvements of this minor sort could continue to be had by going to batteries, power conditioners, balls floating in cups, etc, etc. I totally respect all those pushing the envelope in these areas and have benefitted mightily. I feel like I have to be very judicious though, because I want this hobby to remain enjoyable and not a constant listening test/quest. So with that, back to the music.
  14. rkt31
    I use ifi dc purifier with both HMS and tt2 and I can say that ifi dc purifier has more impact with HMS than tt2 may be because tt2 has super caps.
    ZappaMan likes this.
  15. jarnopp
    Likely. I was surprised that I could detect any difference. Anyway, I may come back to testing after a few weeks. Pretty inexpensive tweak. If/when I get an Mscaler, I’ll certainly try it. Thanks for the tip!
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