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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. musickid
    **Realism in vocals is astonishing**
    PIC1.jpg PIC2.jpg PIC3.jpg PIC4.jpg PIC5.jpg PIC6.jpg
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  2. alota
    @musickid i´ll open champagne:ksc75smile: congratulations and enjoy. and change your signature. i hope soon to join the club
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  3. CreditingKarma
    I have had a chance to compare the TT2+MScaler against a Dave and blu mk2, and my metrum onyx and also the sp1000. These were with a pair of magico s3mk2, and dagostino momentum separates.

    The Dave combo was the most transparent and had the best transients. The Tt2 was behind this combo with sp1000 behind both but I was no slouch either. The metrum has a different sound. It was more musical and the bass had more weight. It also presented a different sound stage maybe a bit wider but not quite as deep. I think that has to do with the mscaler too. The mscaler did improve the staging of the metrum as well. I think that the mscaler brings more musicality to the chord dacs. Before I spend the money I want to hear the pavane and terminator side by side with the chord gear too.
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  4. CreditingKarma
    The TT2 can drive speakers to good listening volumes. We tried a pair of magico A3 and my old dynaudio c1s with it. It played them to good volumea but the bass was lacking in quality as were the dynamics. The TT2 seemed like it couldn't control the drivers like a speaker amp can. I can say that there is little loss in transparency with some of the D'agostino amps. What is lost is more than made up for with headroom, dynamic, and driver control.
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  5. Ragnar-BY
    @musickid Congrats!

    About your power and balanced unbalanced questions...

    Unbalanced amp have two channels, one channel is pushing left speaker and one is pushing right, both black wires are the "ground" and could be connected (that`s why our headphones have 6,3mm jacks with three contact points). Balanced have four channels - one is pushing left and one is pulling left speaker, another pair do the same for the right speaker. In this case, black wires could not be connected and that`s why we have headphone cables with 4-pin XLR with 4 contacts. TT2 have 2x3pin XLRs, which gives us 6 contacts, but only 4 of them is used to drive load, so you can buy or DIY simple adapter to one 4-pin XLR female and use TT2 balanced output with balanced headphone cables.

    Balanced configuration gives you more power, but more channels means more distortions (THD). There are some amps that would work better in balanced configuration, because it was designed for this, but TT2 will show it`s best performance in single ended configuration.

    "Amplifier power" just describes amp potential. It does not mean that your headphones would use that much power for playing music. If you are careful with volume control you could use amplifier of virtually any maximum power. With your headphones you will never need that extra power from balanced output, so there is no need to increase THD with balanced connection. Actually, even SE output of TT2 have enough power to burn your headphones, if you use square signal and turn the volume loud enough.
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  6. N Quarter
    Thanks for your input, I suspected that the TT2 would run out of steam with the C1’s, when I owned them they were very hard to drive IMO. My excite 12’s are not capable of thunderous bass, even with a powerful amp connected, but they do sound fuller with my Anthem amp connected, compared to the TT2 driving them.For late night low volume listening, the TT2/ Dyn excite 12 combo is very good for now, I can always switch to my XD 600’s if I want to “party”
  7. Amberlamps
    So how goes it MK ?

    Do you lub tt2 ?
  8. musickid
    My brief time so far with TT2/HMS just confirms everything i heard when i auditioned TT2/HMS at nintronics with my planar magnetic 1's. To recap. (Being slightly lazy tonight as i just want to listen to the new arrival being too preoccupied to type much. Anyway my previous thoughts still ring true 100%: (Recap for those who have read this before and something new for those that haven't). This is describing hugo 2 mscaled vs TT2 mscaled.

    1) The music is just more dynamic. I can't feel it slowing down or speeding up like i sometimes do with H2 which can strain here or feel like it's walking uphill. The presentation is and demands the listener to accept what he is listening to as real even if the artist is on another planet. The extra current and supercaps implementation result in a very smooth and natural feel to the music.

    2) I know this is tongue in cheek but yet another veil is lifted from and as compared to H2. How many veils are left? Seriously though i am totally real here. I have never heard music sound so crystal clear. Shining.

    3) Power wow. But not an audible increase in electrical energy as i move the volume ball (so much smoother than H2 volume ball) and as the music became louder it was more than that. With more volume comes more control, more controlled and tight bass at just the right amount. It is visceral and anatomical as i actually felt an adrenaline rush. The musical control was outstanding never faltering. But here comes the good bit. On lowering the volume you loose nothing even if that seems contradictory to what i have just written here. Magic.

    4) Ana Moura's vocals were crystal clear. Another level up and something new to me. So this is when Rob talks about more transparency and added warmth.

    5) What a refined beast TT2 is. Thanks for reading and thanks to all at Nintronics. No upgrades for 12 months at least.....! I think it might also be possible to spot the supercaps through the glass portal at night?? A random thought.

    **One thing which struck me today listening to the Lighthouse Family. The speed and tempo of the human voice appears relaxed which of course the singer was but......it results in a perfect reconstruction of the human voice which is uncannily true to life. I can also sense the environment and ambience where the singer was based during the recording even though i obviously can't see it. This is like having the singer in your front room with their feet put up just chilling. I'm approaching the point now where words just can't describe what the chord family of dacs mscaled are actually doing. My musical tastes are totally eclectic. From Sinatra/Jobim to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to the Lighthouse Family to Paganini to Sade to Old skool house to give a few examples. A good conclusion to my TT2/HMS 2019 mini report.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  9. JM1979
    Welcome my friend. I think you will be enjoying a mind blowing next couple of months. Cheers!
  10. musickid
    Thanks JM....:beerchug:

    Also thanks Hooster for explaining the in's and out's of headphone science.
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  11. GreenBow
    I have the Dynaudio Emit M10, which are the same sensitivity as your Excites, but 6 ohm. The cabinets are probably the same volume. Your Excites are about 2cm deeper, and but mine are about 1cm taller. If the TT2 is only really good for late night listening, then that might not work for me. Single ended I think I would run out of volume for quiet sources like films can be. I sometimes PC game with my TT2, and games can often need more volume than music too.

    I remember that Rob Watts runs his high sensitivity floorstanders from SE.

    I think it would use balanced or nothing. Considering I might need a fair dab of volume from balanced, I can't be sure. I can only make some cables and test it.

    However all said, even if I have to keep an amplifier in the chain, the quality is stunning. I honestly think if I never upgraded again, I'd be more than happy. Ironic that I have some new speakers coming; (and they are same sensitivity and ohmage as my Emit M10). On the point of quality of sound though, I have owned a sound system before, without a Chord DAC, and loved that. With Chord DACs now, it's far better; and not comparable to what I had before. I would be happy all the way no matter what then. Plus I could look at an amplifier upgrade if I ever got itchy.

    When folk say that the TT2 runs out of power for bass, that can sort of make sense. With an amplifier it's ideal if the amp doubles power output if the ohmage drops to half. Like 8 ohm speakers will drop to 4 ohms anyway as the frequency of sound drops. (8ohms is only relative at a set frequency). Some speaker specs even include the lowest ohmage of the speaker. Anyway if you're running 10w at 8 ohms, then you're only going to see max 18w at 4 ohms. Whereas you need to see 20w. Meaning lower frequency notes are not going to get enough power for lower frequency sounds.

    That actually leads me onto something that I don't understand. When you see an amplifier e.g the Naim Supernait 2 which has 80w at 8ohms, then 130w at 4ohms. Yet when you see a frequency response curve, it's almost flat into the bass. Yet it doesn't follow the 'double power at half impedance' notion. I think I have missed understanding one principle.

    (NB 18 watts class A amplifiers, I think means more musical power than class A/B or other amplifiers though.)

    I guess I won't know until I try. However I was under the impression that the TT2 was 'loud'!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  12. musickid
    Why not try the omega sam's which Ray has confirmed sound stunning direct from chord dacs? He even uses a hugo 2 direct so a TT2 would be great.
  13. N Quarter
    I guess I should of said the TT2/excite combo is ideal for late night listening, but not limited to. I just find that the sound is very full sounding, even at very low volume. But, I also play it loud during the day, without feeling like I am missing something. I suggest you strip a couple of wires back, and XLR interconnects, solder them together, and give it a try, it will surprise you how good it sounds.It took me about an hour to make my set.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  14. musickid
    Looks like an all nighter through the early hours. Just started playing Dark Side of the Moon. The TT2/HMS with the silver dream cable for my PM1 is making the headphone do "new" things. I knew the PM1 could accept in excess of 1W through single ended with the TT2 as Oppo design a balanced cable for it to use with their HA1 amp which can do up to 3W into the PM1. Hence my obsession with this point last night. I've been checking old posts on the PM1 thread which are saying the PM1 is champion with real power. It's not about loudness but a more holistic understanding of what's going on with the headphone. I just heard my headphone do "things" i have never heard with TT2 volume on minus 6/7.

    This was listening to the VCS 3 synthesizer on the intro to track number one of Dark Side of the Moon "Speak to Me". My instinct was right i knew it.... the PM1 is responding well to the TT2 just as i hoped. When i say "new things" i'm hearing the special effects like never before. I feel the headphone reacting to the synth like never before. Minus 6/7 looks like the maximum volume the PM1 can comfortably take. Depending on recording maybe give or take a bit. And that's for listening loud on high gain. On Rob's advice i would never try balanced for headphones. It's good to understand what's going on though as i'm on a steep learning curve still to this day.

    At a guess that's about 1.2W into my PM1 with the TT2 SE and that's about double what the hugo 2 was providing which was about 740mW. These figures are very rough estimates and are maximum output figures in the real world. And here is that vintage synth.

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  15. Roasty
    Does anyone here run mscaler + hugo tt2 + benchmark hpa4?

    Reason I am asking is.. I have the dac3 and hpa4 stack now. I use the hpa4 for headphones and as line out to speaker amp. Thinking of trying the mscaler tt2 combo in place of dac3.
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