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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. seedubchris
    The tt2 is equally as proficient as a Dac as it is as a headphone amp . What ever synergistic effects there are from the switch from Qutest to TT2 will be small compared to the increased detail retrieval and linear frequency response afforded by the increased taps and super caps. While I have never heard the Qutest I’m confident that the analog section alone of the TT2 will yield obvious and immediate gains in all areas in your rig. Now just to find a more befitting amp to plug in your new tt2. Ha ha
  2. Triode User
    I do not know where you live but can you get a TT2 on home demo from a dealer? Also, have you considered a second hand Dave? They are not out of range to the new price of TT2.
  3. Gibson59
    Yeah I don’t doubt the increased detail retrieval etc of TT2 as I’ve demoed it myself a couple of times with my headphone rig. However after being into audio for a while now I never just assume an “upgrade” will result in proper synergy, I think that would be a mistake regardless of what gear we’re talking about.

    And yes, there are far “better” amps than mine out there and I’ve heard many. I’m actually completely content with the Nova 220se for now, it really punches well above its weight class. I know you were let being rude just messing around, and man I agree this GAS just never ends! Always a component to upgrade :)

    Good idea. I live in Los Angeles and Upscale Audio isn’t too far. I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask them if I could demo it for a week or so. I haven’t considered a second hand DAVE as I might need to buy TT2 used because even at used prices it’s at the top of my budget.
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  4. Xinlisupreme
  5. Amberlamps
    I compared mine to a plantronics 16bit usb dac that was attached to an old plantronics usb headset/mic. TT2 won and that was before I plugged it in and turned it on :)
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  6. GreenBow
    Since I bought the TT2 I have run it in DAC mode 95% of the time. It got just mildly warm running at DAC mode 2.5V output, when our UK temperatures were 21'C in my room. However we recently had a burst of hot weather, and my room temp went up 27'C at peak temperatures. (Then settled at around 25'C.) The TT2 got quite hot, and the underneath even hotter. (I can run an air-con but prefer not to if I can cool my room with open window overnight. For the obvious reason, CO2.)

    What has me worried now is how hot the TT2 would get if I ran it in high gain mode driving speakers. I could easily see me doubling voltage out. Possibly more but I don't know. It's impossible for me to judge, because as yet I don't know how much gain I would need. I know Hugo 2 alone could power speakers, so I imagine the TT2 doing similarly. Then more power gain needed for quieter sources like video sometimes, or quiet tracks. E.g. My copy of Beethoven's 6th Symphony is a little quiet.

    Also if I bought some hard to drive headphones, they might require high gain. Probably not though since I am not a loud junkie.

    I know this is speculative. I don't know if pushing e.g. double voltage, would dramatically increase heat output. However I was very surprised how hot the TT2 got in the heat. It surprises me now also, why the TT2 doesn't have venting like the Ttoby power amplifier. I suppose I am asking really how hot some folk found their TT2s, when driving speakers louder. Or driving high ohmage headphones.

    I mean, I don't think of peak temperature of 27'C, as particularly hot. I think I may end up building a TT2 stand to create airspace underneath the TT2. Underneath is clearly where it's hottest, and most of the heat gets reflected back at the TT2 case.

    EDIT: 19th May. Have been running TT2 all day. Still barley warm on the top side, in room at 22'C
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
  7. Snait
    Maybe anyone of the chord experts here can advise.
    Do the H2 sound more in the direction to Dave?
    Reason to ask, i like the tone signature of my H2 unexpected more than my new TT2 and the question came to mind if the Dave more H2 or more TT2?
    For me TT2 is warmer and more lush/soft/laid back and H2 is more direct and transparent which I really like.
    Dealer calm and advise to give TT 2 an amount of burn in as he experiences the same with burn in of Dave with lots of up and downs in sound.
    What do you think?
  8. Triode User
    Just on this I have never heard any burn in at all with any of my Chord DACs and this includes having TT2 and Dave. More likely is the ear/brain combination recalibrating to a new piece of kit. (IMHO)
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  9. Xinlisupreme
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  10. betula
    I have only heard the TT2 in shops.

    The realism, spaciousness and imaging is outstanding.
    My next upgrade will be the TT2 versus my Qutest and amp. (Taurus MKII at the moment.)

    While the TT2 sounds thinner it is much more lifelike not just in timbre but in realism and space.
    Sure, £4000 is a lot of money versus £2000 which is the price of Qutest and a good secondhand amp like the Taurus.

    I am quite happy with Qutest+Taurus MKII until TT2 becomes more affordable (Below £3000).

    I am still interested in hearing thoughts about Hugo2 alone versus amp combos like mine. I hear convincing opinions on both sides. Wish I could have a Hugo2 to try it against my Qutest/Taurus combo.
  11. Hifi2jungle
    Guys, just ordered my TT2. Any recommendations regarding the M Scaler?
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  12. Triode User
    Get the same colour as the TT2? (Sorry, I'm in a silly mood).
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    You can always connect the TT2 to the amp and listen to either one at your leisure.
  14. ZappaMan
    maybe enjoy your tt2 for a while, get used to it, then add the mscaler (loaner) to see if you think its brings the value worthy of the price tag.
    suppose too many changes at once make it harder to appreciate whats what.
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  15. Amberlamps
    Just aslong as it's black, as they sound better than the silver ones, something to do with the particles in the paint.
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