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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. Mediahound
    PSA for anyone who doesn't know - only ever use the stock power supply with the TT2. The power supply is not the brick it comes with but the entire designed internal power delivery system including the supercaps.

    If you use some other power supply, that's a good way to fry something and probably void your warranty.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  2. ZappaMan
    fire - i will teach you to burn

    if thats not already the lyric to a song, then i think i've got a good end line for a verse... in my head, i was a minor demi-god at the dawn of time who took ......
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  3. Whazzzup

    Ok I’m out
  4. Kakki
    Hi, as you can see in the photo, I used RCA plug and cables. I connected speaker cables directly to the RCA plugs. The RCA plug I used is capable to hold cables with screws.
    In my opinion, Dave alone is much fuller than TT2 and M-Scaler. Actually M-Scaler will not change DAC’s sound signature.
    With my B&W805, the single-end was enough powerful so I didn’t try balanced.
  5. Lgn3
    The TT2 does get quite warm on the right side. As I am sure you know there are over temperature warnings which will be displayed if there is a problem. (see manual for explanations)
  6. wdh777
    How does using bluetooth from an iPad running Qobuz with a TT2 and MScaler compare to a wired connection? Will I be able to achieve the same sample rate using bluetooth using a HiRes source from Quboz? Thanks
  7. Amberlamps
    Absolutely horrible.

    If it was a droid phone then it might sound better due to droid phones having aptx support, but iphones or ipads don’t have it and it sounds total schiit via bluetooth.

    Forget about hires, when using BT your music gets butchered. Tried it myself and I couldn’t switch back to usb as fast as my finger could hit the button on the remote.
    CClose likes this.
  8. Amberlamps
    Yup, the right hand side at the front seems to be the hottest parts of TT2, I’ve taken temps all over TT2 and the highest I’ve seen mine is 39 - 41.

    The temps were done with ir temp gun and done on multiple occassions.
  9. wdh777
    Thanks, I guess that answers that. I thought I recalled something about a Bluetooth standard that maybe Apple didn’t use? So will keep it wired.
  10. seedubchris
    I have been trying to wrap my ears around the nature of the upgrade from the Hugo 2 to the tt2. A lot of people comment about the highs being bright . That’s not what I’m hearing . To my ears the highs are a bit neutral whereas the Hugo 2 the highs are more forward which I like as I listen to pop and work in those genres . The tt2 highs have this solid flavor I have only heard in mega buck rigs. It’s not hyped in any way whatsoever. This took some adjusting for me and burn in (I built new Cardas rca’s )until the highs started to congeal . Maybe it’s the noise shaping or more horsepower but the tt2 highs are sublime . The clarity and palpable nature of the highs is truly where the money went for me. Bass is great (if not a bit big-awesome for bass intensive program like trap or electronic) but it’s the highs that are blowing my mind .The highs are effortless yet palpable. Usually palpable can sound etched (fine by me by the way) but that’s not this boxes game. I have never heard highs this solid but relaxed at the same time . This intense resolving quality has a cascading effect on the rest of the mix including killer phantom imaging and 3 dimensional sounding ambience and reverb/delay tails . I can hear super minute mix and adsr envelope micro details that I certainly could not hear in the Hugo 2. That said , if you are listining to crap low res compressed material or badly mixed music this might not be for you . If utmost clarity and lightning fast transient response is your game with non compressed (or hi res where applicable) media than this has got to be on your short list .
    I have found the optical to be better than usb for tidal streaming and quality cables are a must at this level . I really didn’t like the way the usb sounded streaming from the desk top app but rely on my AK320 as source via toslink optical . It just sounds more correct . In short if your source isn’t excellent it can effect the clarity that is this things signature dish.
    All the other upgrades are there as previously mentioned . Fantastic transient definition . Source point accuracy across the stereo field is rock solid and damn if the balanced out does sound a we bit less believable (could be just because @Rob Watts says so but I think I can hear it too).
    It’s damn near perfect ...I believe feeding this monster with the full 1m taps has got to be “transformational”...
  11. CreditingKarma
    Does anyone know what the lead time is currently for the Hugo TT2? I placed an order with a dealer last Wednesday and they still don't have any update. I know that they are in demand but this wait is killing me. I could have ordered from someone online but I feel that it is important to support your local dealers.
    HughF likes this.
  12. kennyb123
    The order for my TT2 was placed the last week of January. I was told to expect it sometime in March.
  13. Deftone
    What difference is there in the mids compared between H2 and TT2?
  14. jarnopp
    I ordered in October and still waiting. Told this week, maybe (for black).
  15. dawktah2
    I'm still confused why there's such a mystery at this point especially since there have been some TT2 deliveries in North America
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