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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. miketlse
    Yes, it does feel strange at first, and in some ways forces one to reassess what one likes about music.
    I first started using USB as the input for Mojo, and eventually managed to remove 99%+ of the clicks and pauses, by using ferrites.
    I then compared some choral music, using both the usb and optical inputs.
    • usb input was clean with a touch of brightness, that made it feel like I was at the recording
    • optical input was clean, but felt slightly dull compared to usb
    My initial reaction was that usb was better.
    Then I went and listened to live choral music of the same genre, and discovered that it lacked the usb brightness - optical had provided a closer match to real life.
    After that i have used optical input almost all the time, and now don't miss the usb brightness.
    Bear in mind that it is a sound engineers trick, to liven up dull music, by adding an amount of electrical noise.

    Posts about power supplies often bring this discovery back to mind.
    So often people post that they added some new supply, but it made things sound dull, so they have replaced it with another power supply that gives more brightness/sharpness/definition, etc.
    What they are really saying, if only they realised it, is that they found a power supply that removed RFI and noise from their system, but didn't like it, so they have replaced it with a new supply that pumps plenty of RFI and noise back in - and it is impossible to convince them that they have wasted their money.
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  2. Ciggavelli
    What components do you have? I know you've mentioned having a DAVE, M-Scaler, and WA33 EE, but I'm curious as to what other components you have in your chain.
  3. Triode User
    Yes, and my question was (and possibly ray-dudes as well), how do you know that you have zero RF noise?

    Ray and I both know what we mean by the lack of RF noise but your system description uses none of the words we have learned by listening to be associated with low RF noise.
  4. nomad777
    hmm.. long list... sotm stack ultra with word clock amazing tech.... cx/ex servers, scaler , dave ; the CX/EX are basically noiseless servers... amazing tech that has gone into those...

    Torus power conditioner unit for first level of power cleaning eliminating rfi,emi ... then hooking into a ps audio power generator (new second generation unit) for 2nd level of power cleaning ...power is extremely clean before it hits any items...

    Also remember that's a start from there very high quality power cables (less loss paired with some 7n silver cables) , interconnects (valhalla 2), usb cables (Valhalla 2) etc... and cat 7 sotm ethernet cables (best available in my opinion) 7N silver going into the wa33 E.

    I can't emphasize the importance of cabling... you do get what you pay for.......
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  5. nomad777
    re read my post...
  6. llamaluv
    Wait, like, for real? If so, that blows my mind. Interesting...
  7. Progisus
    You know you have eliminated rfi when you can describe it with the proper musical vocabulary.
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  8. Drewligarchy
    Sound engineers don't add noise. Sometime they add eq, sometime they add distortion (much like you would on an electrical guitar - but to a much lower extent.)

    I know because I used to be one. Unless I am completely misunderstanding the context.
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  9. nomad777
    lol.... ok go ahead enlighten me with your incredible IQ
  10. Progisus
    I’m on your side. I was poking fun at the comment saying you had not used the terms they recognized as proof you had eliminated your rfi.
  11. nomad777
    oh ok my bad:triportsad:
  12. nomad777
    Right now listening to the Gladiator music from the movie and its so clean ... heard this many times on my older setups and never sounded this good...
  13. audio_1
    My experience with Nordost cable is the exact opposite to yours. I had a full Odin setup. I now know that all the perceived detailed that Nordost cables give is RFI. Their flat speaker cables must be some of least phase coherent cables made. Due to the cable layout out, they must have different inductance in each conductor due to the varying spaces between the conductors.

    Perhaps all the RFI being channelled by the Nordost cables is why you require a valve headphone amp, and don't listen direct to Dave!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  14. nomad777
    Yes you know now its was RFI that gave your more detail in the music which is not what RFI does it makes music less coherent.... I guess I should start selling my equipment since I want more RFI for more detail... what would I do without this type of wisdom... I think I'll go back to my regular usb and macbook pro for listening...

    Incorrect my main listening is with Dave direct amp just recently. Perhaps you had imaginary cables producing imaginary RFI. Valhalla 2 and Odin 2 are the newer versions of the cable and vastly superior to the old cables.

    What I notice most of the time the worst critics of Nordost (who by the way have a science) for what they do.. are the people that can't afford their products.

    Their cables don't create RFI they prevent it and they are at the trade shows all the time giving open air demo's proving over and over to the public the validity of their cables and their are plenty of online reviews.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  15. N Quarter
    I would ignore Nomad777, he seems to want to argue, or contradict everyone who posts here lately. Just looking at the list of your gear makes me very envious and also happy that you use Chord products in your front end, that setup must be truly stunning, and dare I say, probably the best sounding system of anyone on here.Enjoy!
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