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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. dmance
    You're in Canada right? Toronto GTA? If so, please drop over to my place to hear how good a "RFI Free" Chord DAC can sound.
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  2. Progisus
    Thanks for the offer but I’m in the soon to be Grey Cup Champion city.
  3. dmance
    Winnipeg? I was born there!! Well send me a PM so us Canucks can stay in touch.
  4. Vyyy
    I meant that seems the dominant instrumements, harshness dissapears. Everything flows in such synergi. With very rich tone and more dominant bass. And yes soundstage becomes really 3d. and details brought from the background up.
  5. Vyyy
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  6. Vyyy
    I also though want a good thing would be for 2go to have on side or on front USB data out which M scaler can recognize (becouse as we know Poly data out can only recognize Mojo, so this is programable) and work in combo too. I would imediately buy it... hope i guessed right this :)
  7. Uncle Monty
    I would if I could dim the lights!
  8. gnomen
    Wow! What a work of art. No wonder Sound Liaison chose it for their single mic recordings.
  9. nomad777
    Well folks bit the bullet and started using the WA33 elite with the mscaler no issues whatsoever... other than there's a big smile on my face as I pound Led Zepplin "black dog" through it. This amp is truly incredible...... serious kick ass power combined with amazing clarity, soundstage and zero distortion.... but I paid dearly for the no RFI
  10. JM1979
    I wanted to make an offer to anyone in this thread with a mScaler that uses the stock BNC cables and is curious about an 'upgrade cable' with ferrites. I've had my wave stream cables for months now and love them and don't see ever swapping them out. That means my prior upgrade cables w/ ferrites are no longer needed. I don't recall the brand of the upgraded cables, but I did post about them in this thread if you want to search. They are basically a $40 pair of BNCs that have better connectors and a more sturdy feel than stock. I have 10 ferrites (5 on each cable) and the ferrite frequency is what Rob had recommended.

    If anyone is interested, they are yours for free. All I need is for you to email me a shipping label and I'll send them out to you. PM with interest.
  11. nomad777
    Nice offer since it Christmas time.... I know I'm good... I'm sure you'll have interest...
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  12. nomad777
    Here's some observations... in regards to RFI.

    With my current setup I have zero noise RFI ; none discernible by the human ear. In fact so much so that I miss having a little bit of it. So I might take off some of the filtration to see if I can get a little bit of it back. Not much just a little.... It just feels a little strange listening to rock music without a little bit of distortion. For classical its great but I don't always listen to that genre. Don't know if anyone else has experienced having music so clean that it does feel a little strange at first....
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  13. Triode User
    Just a question, what do you mean by RF noise and what do you think it sounds like on a system? Normally the only way to tell if you have RF noise is to compare. You say that you have zero noise RFI but how do you know? The RFI is not audible in itself and is only apparant by the effect it has on modifying the music.

    For me, with less RF noise the music will sound darker, possibly even a little warmer, subtle details of instruments will be audible when otherwise the RF artifacts would overshadow them. The music will probably also have more bass clarity and depth. More RF noise on the other hand will affect the music by it being more fatiguing, possibly even harsher in the upper registers, the bass will be less defined and the mid range will not be as sweet or detailed. The music may at first appear to have more detail and / or a bigger soundstage but those are just false artifacts due to the RF noise intermodulation distortion.

    So, how do you know you have zero RF noise?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  14. ray-dude
    Exactly my experience as well. I've found that I need to do long term listening tests to validate any RFI changes I make (mainly around fatigue and/or how relaxed/stress free extended listening is). I've learned to hear RFI impact pretty quickly on key passages on certain tracks, but that is no substitute for long term listening tests.
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  15. nomad777
    I've tinkered around enough with my setup and the musicality I'm getting now is on an orgasmic level.... multiples even... I might even invite some friends over just to let them listen to what a digital system can really do if your willing to spend mortgage level money. lol......... I know most can't ..... detail, clarity, highs, lows, mids with detail no harness and pure musical fluidity with a precise timing that doesn't feel manufactured. Notes, timber, musical layering from instruments to where voices are situated... Is how I know ... remember I didn't have this setup from the start I built it over several years so I know crap from no noise.... starting from a mac powerbook pro with a regular usb cable into a chord dave... and moving to what I have now.... if I'm honest I literally get chills almost every time I listen now... hearing new things not heard before almost like they are different songs... etc... I've spent a lot of time and money brining things to perfection.

    Again who knows though if Rob will come out with a 2 million taps scaler... lol.. he's hinted that he has thought about going beyond 1 million....... without being over dramatic there are times I have to hold back on the emotions to how beautiful things sound now...

    Now back to the original question anyone?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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