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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. nomad777
    If you have the means I do recommend:) Best I've ever heard one of the reasons I don't have RFI problems... there's a number of reviews on the valhalla 2's Also run the Sotm stack with valhalla 2 USB's...

    Since no one has yet to comment on distance I'll just play it and see for myself;
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  2. Foxman50
    Do they come in 1cm lengths, actually 0.5cm
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  3. TheAttorney
    I'm curious as to what other BNC cables you tried in order to come to this conclusion?
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  4. Progisus
  5. nomad777
    I'm curious to why your curiosity is curiously curious; curiously speaking
  6. nomad777
    tried a number of them and as good as the bnc's are I was more impressed with the Valhalla 2 usb cable outstanding breathtaking what that cable does...
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  7. kelly200269
    You’ve sold me!
    I’ll just go put the ‘trouble & strife’ on eBay... :bride_with_veil:
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  8. nomad777
    And I don't work for Nordost either! You mean your putting yourself up there? :) oh come on take a joke... :)
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  9. kelly200269
    Two for the price of one!? :wink:
  10. nomad777
    Wish I got that deal on the cables :heavy_dollar_sign:
  11. racebit
    I asked you this question below and your reply was "It's off topic so I am done". To which I replied "if you don't care about it, ok". If that is an insult I could say you are insulting me by saying that I insulted you :) But let's move on, I'm still trying to help.
    So I need to ask it again, because, no matter the configurations you have, first we need to check if there is a problem to be fixed or if all is fine. That is if you are getting bit perfect or not.

    So, both on your TT2 and your Qutest, the received sampling rate is the is the color of the glass window on top.
    When you play a 44.1K file the window must change to red. When you play a 48K file the window must change to orange, When you play 192K the window must change to blue, etc.
    If the window changes color correctly all is fine, you have bit perfect working.
    If the window does not change color, then you do not have bit perfect, meaning windows is resampling your audio to the rate configured in the Control Panel Sound dialog.
    It is not enough to check just one color, it can be correct by coincidence, you must check the color changes with one different sample rate.

    Every Chord owner should check this. And I say this because in my first year with Mojo I did not care about it, the color was always red, and as I mostly played 44.1K files I thought all was ok and forgot about it. But the case was I didn't noticed it was always red, even when playing 48k and 192K files, because my Windows Sound dialog was configured to 44.1K, and was resampling all to 44.1K. So I did not have bit perfect when playing anything other than 44.1K.

    Now your question
    Windows resamples everything that is sent to Windows DirectSound (DS) (that has different sample rate than the configured rate on Windows), which is what most apps do by default, including foobar2000, VLC, MPC. So we may need to configure the app to send the audio directly to the device, instead of DirectSound. I don't know JRiver, how it operates, therefore the need to test the color.

    Now regarding the snapshot you sent. When I configure my Windows Sound to have the Chord device as "Default Device" as you have, I just tested and windows is resampling all audio from youtube, vlc, etc., because that audio is being sent to DirectSound. Only if the app is sending the audio directly to the device (configured inside the app) is the audio not resampled. Again I don't know what JRiver does, but I can bet that most of your apps, including browser/youtube are being resampled.

    The resampling rate is the one configured for the "Default Device": righ-click the device on the list you sent me, then Properties, then Advanced and there you have the resampling rate which defines the color on the dac.

    You may already know all I said above, I am just trying to be clear to avoid more confusion. One thing that left me in doubt was your statement "Media Centre sets either Windows: Direct Sound, WASAPI, or ASIO. The Sound control (from Control Panel) on PC routes it".
    The Sound control (from Control Panel) only routes what is sent to DirectSound (DS). Bit perfect is not sent to DS and therefore not routed by Sound control (from Control Panel).
    The other thing was that I though you were using optical to connect to chord dacs (that was where our talk began). If you are using optical the device is not "Chord".
  12. kelly200269
    I BET!! :money_mouth:
  13. Triode User
    FYI ‘trouble and strife’ is rhyming slang for wife. ie a little joke he was making about getting the money for a pair of the cables.
  14. nomad777
    She must be expensive
  15. kelly200269
    Not if I’ve got anything to do with it...! lol
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