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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Vyyy
    This made me smile. Rob Watts smiles too i think at this :))
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  2. JSQT
    Has anyone ever experienced the "bypass" feature simply not working?

    I had a guy over this weekend to show off the M Scaler, but unfortunately when I cycled through the OP SR options no audio would come out. For example, playing a 16/44 file from Innuos server, input was red (44), output was white (708), then when I hit OP SR to bypass or cycle through the other output sampling rates, the output would change to red (or blue, or green, etc) but NO SOUND would come out. Then finally when I got back to the highest SR output the audio would come back.

    Looked through the manual and it looked like I was doing everything correctly, but unfortunately my guest didn't get to hear the difference for himself.
  3. Progisus
    Tried the same setup HQP4 to my TT(1) but at 384k of course. It has a more profound effect than the mscaler to this dac and is a pleasing upgrade. I think I will leave HQPlayer to the TT for now. I am not saying it is more accurate or better but definitely not worse. HQPlayer got me to proceed with the mscaler upgrade. In retrospect I should have put my money on on a new TT2. The hardware solution of the mscaler is definitely more stable. IMHO.
  4. Triode User
    This is normally resolved by swopping over the BNC cables.
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  5. Uncle Monty
    Had that problem too - and my BNC cables were the correct way round - but it fixed itself after a while - not the faintest idea why - keep trying from time to time and see if your's too resolves itself...
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  6. JSQT
    Yes BNC cables are definitely set up properly. The bypass was working when I first got the M Scaler and I haven't used it again until this weekend - no changes have been made on plugging and unplugging cables, etc. I'll keep working with it and maybe do the usual power down, power up type stuff. Thanks!
  7. ZappaMan
    if the signal from mscaler to tt2 doesn’t require dual Bnc then my tt2 will not automatically look for the signal on “bnc”. But once the mscaler rate changes back to dbnc it picks it up again.
    Flicking tt2 to bnc can then pick up the signal from mscaler.
    Could it be that ?
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  8. Progisus
    Weird... just happened to me. Tried powering down mscaler but to no avail. Cycling through the H2 inputs corrected it.
  9. bikutoru
    Try switching to the other bnc input on remote. I was switching cables as people suggest, but it is the right input, you can have cables reversed, but then just use bnc 2 on remote and bypass works.
  10. racebit
    When you say "indistinguishable from WTA1" I assume you mean mscaler WTA1. Because if I understand correctly all Chord DACs have a WTA1, and mscaler is just a (better) replacement WTA1.
    In fact when we feed any Chord DAC with 705.6K we are disabling the DAC WTA1, replacing it with another upscaler which may be better, but may also be worse.
    Looking strictly to number of taps, do you know the number of taps of the poly-sinc-long-lp?
    My concern is that as Jussi states many taps are not required, his filter may have much less taps than even Chord DAC WTA1, which we are replacing. So it could be a downgrade instead of an upgrade.
    Of course more important of all is how it sounds in the end. So back to the beginning it seems you say HQPlayer matches mscaler WTA1, so much better than Chord DAC WTA1.

    I am in the process of testing HQPlayer myself, but unfortunately I could only get 352.8K to work. Setting 705.6K does play but with a clicking digital noise.
    My desktop is a 10 year old dual core i3 with intel integrated graphics. Soon I will get a new 8 core 7nm Ryzen, and will test 705.6K again.
    As expected any output rate not multiple of input rate (even 48K or 32K output rate) gets me CPU overload and will not work, while 352.8K being multiple of 44.1K works fine.
    No GPU needed. It seems GPU is only required for DSD (Vade retro Satan!!)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  11. dmance
    WTA1 is in every chord DAC and the mscaler. It's the upsample to 16fs or 705.6/768.
    It's a combination of mathematics and implementation. The math is straightforward ...but needs to be executed at high precision at high tap counts. RW has shown how high we need to go to cross over the uncanny valley where music begins to sound real. All mscaler owners know of what I am taking about.

    Implementation on FPGA has its challenges and RW has overcome those. Implementation on CPUs has access to more cycles and compute resources so the burden is somewhat less. I run HQPlayer's poly-sinc-long-lp filter at 16fs PCM on my Core i7 at only 10%. Its has well over 1M taps, BTW.

    My claim is that we've reached a cross roads. (Good for music lovers), where software upsampling produces an equivalent (or better) bit train to WTA1. To make them sound the same you need to provide equivalent signal paths and manage the source RF noise differences.
  12. racebit
    Just got this USB to optical adapter today:

    Works perfect up to 192K/32, Windows 7-10, Linux, Mac. ASIO driver. I recommend to people missing an optical output to connect to Chord DAC or mscaler.
    At this moment I am using it, together with Chord USB and motherboard optical, to have 3 apps (foobar, MPC-BE and HQPlayer playing simultaneously on my desktop, to 3 different DACs and 3 different headphones. Now I am searching on amazon for two more pairs of ears...
  13. nomad777
    SR7 is the best one if your willing to wait a year... and again... I need to push this into your mind I don't care what anyone else tells you here... 9V or 12V message the creator himself if you need to and DO NOT use another power supply other than the one provided (mains) officially or you void your warranty....
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  14. nomad777
    When you power it down you should have everything disconnected from it first
  15. Rob Watts
    That advice was for PowerAdd battery, which is 9v,12v or 16. 16 is too much, and could destroy the protect diode.

    Absolutely not. 15v is fine. As to the exact value - everything gets converted to 5v internally, so thinking a higher voltage is better is incorrect.

    Well done, correct post.


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