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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. nomad777
    This battery pack is what was recommended to me but since I don't experience any noise with the HMS I just don't have a need for it
  2. Crgreen
    Or it might be the aliens that have moved next door and their microwave transmissions. They also appear to have moved near to others and even Chord demo rooms. I remember Triode User complaining that at one show Blu 2 into DAVE sounded so bad he had to leave after a few minutes. And what about the various other “third party” solutions - do all such people have problematic equipment? This strikes me as unlikely and that it’s an issue that bothers some more than others. After all, you yourself have suggested solutions.
  3. nomad777
    Yes suggested them as general overall solution not specifically for the HMS. I think the aliens have invaded the persons body and messed with their ear drums.

    No its very likely. Pairings and equipment setup make a huge difference.. and if noise was such an issue it would affect everyone not just "special" people with RFI sensitivity above others; with special ears and are just to sensitive that mere mortals can't understand or hear what they are hearing....... about to throw up .........
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  4. bikutoru
    Just imagine Rob Watts fiddling with 20 ferrites on his cables to remedy his design and the rest of "solutions". Imagined?
    Reading these post is like visiting a mental asylum, after being among crazy for a few days you become crazy too.
    For the most parts I have no idea what people are talking about.

    May be "the brotherhood of topping" is right, their bestest Topping is all you need, and if doesn't sound good to you or has RF to your liking you can do the same 20+ ferrites or buy $2000 worth of re-clockers, cleaners, cold plated optical cables, etc. etc. and fix it to your liking.
  5. nomad777

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  6. Crgreen
    Actually, my understanding is that he does use BNC cables with ferrites end to end.
  7. bikutoru
    If you can prove it. I'm selling all of my Chord gear and will listen to straight iPhone output, it doesn't sound half as bad as most of the solutions here.
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  8. Crgreen
    It’s what I’ve been told though I’m not at liberty to say by whom. The question of proof is not really my problem.
  9. bikutoru
    We are taken for a ride here?
    I should've bought me a crap(how do I spell that) dac with these cables, and it would sound better than Chord?
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  10. Crgreen
    Not sure how you reason that, even as a joke, since the issue isn’t with DACs as such but what they’re being fed with.

    Anyway, I shall leave you all to it. Enjoy.
  11. kennyb123
    I think it would be more than fair to say that every single person who posted here about the positive benefits of reducing RF from the HMS did so with one aim in mind: to let others know that doing so could greatly increase their musical enjoyment. Even Dan and Nick, who sell products that address RF, have repeatedly shown themselves to be eager to help others increase their enjoyment of music.

    The words I quoted really bum me out. I could have kept my observations to myself - but then who other than me benefits from my learnings?

    I’ll return to lurker mode now. My only hope is that at least one of you benefitted from me sharing my findings.
  12. nomad777
    My recommendations that I've posted here legitimately work. How do I know? Because I use them....
  13. delirium
    Thats bad
  14. delirium
    looks like you can make
    your own
    m-scaler upload_2019-11-10_11-13-25.gif
  15. delirium
    Be careful with volume....when you go on
    antibiotics...it’s poisen to the ears...the normal
    defense is down it’s not a joke.
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