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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Ciggavelli
    well, compared with the Hugo 2, the th900mks 2 have extremely powerful bass on the TT2/M-Scaler. I thought the bass was powerful out of the Hugo 2, but I didn’t know to the extent that you get from the TT2/M-Scaler. The bass is similar in power and quantity as my TCs on the WA33.

    I feel like the resolution is noticeably worse on the Fostex, compared to the TCs and Utopias (which I guess is to be expected).

    Others mention problems with the sharp highs, but I don’t notice it on mine (somebody suggested that since I have the blue ones, that is why the treble sounds good. I dunno though).

    Mids are recessed, which is also no surprise. Also the headphones aren’t the fastest, in terms of timing

    I’ve had a lot of headphones in my life (rs1e, lcd2, hd800, cascade, utopia, th900mk2, TCs, Koss 95x, etc.) and when I got the TT2/M-Scaler I sold everything off except the Utopias and Th900mk2, which I think says a lot. I then bought some TCs and still decided to keep the Th900mk2.

    I listen to a lot of metal and hip-hip, and the Th900mk2s are perfect for those 2 genres out of the TT2/M-Scaler. Now that I have the TCs and a WA33, I don’t listen to the Th900mks as much. I’d say the TCs on the WA33 have similar bass as the TH900mk2 off the TT2/M-Scaler. The TCs are faster, have outrageously high resolution, better highs, better mids (the Utopias have the best midrange though)

    I keep the Th900mk2s though, for 2 reasons. They are easier to drive than the TCs, and they’re my only pair of closed backs that I have left.

    I think the $1500 for the th900mk2s is a great deal. The utopias are $4K and I don’t think they are 3 times better. The TCs are like $5K and they are not 4 times better than the th900mk2s (though it is close).
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  2. audio_1
    Before getting the optional gryphon diablo 300 dac, I would compare it to an equivalently priced Chord DAC, with and without the mScaler. The mScaler can be added later. I reckon you will be disappointed. The ESS SABRE ES9018 DAC sounds slow and boring imho. I have experience of it in the Oppo BDP105 Blu-ray player. I would also experiment using the volume control in the Chord DAC and home theatre bypass mode on input 3 on the Diablo.
    Did you read the reviews of the Wave and Audio Art cables at Audio Bacon?

  4. Progisus
    As I said in the first line.
  5. Amberlamps
    I also had that pop when changing tracks in Roon. I thought it was TT2, but upon a reboot of TT2 it was still there, I then rebooted the mscaler by yanking out it's power chord, it's ok, as it was just a slow yank, similar to donald trump.

    Anyway, a reboot of the mscaler fixed it. I recommend that the mscaler is rebooted every now and then if one leaves it powered on 24/7.

    On another note, that Kyn dude's posts have spurred me on to rebuild my second nuc. After I threw the first one out of the window, it's replacement has remained in it's original intel case since I bought it. But after reading his posts I decided to rip it to pieces and transplant it into my second akasa turin case.

    Everything went swimmingly well, I even managed to connect the wifi and bt aerials without damaging the dot of a connector it uses, it's this big . < that big.

    Once built, I powered it up and connected my mscaler and tt2 together and I must admit, for some reason the music sounds amazing today.

    Was it caused by the mscaler that I've not used for days, or was it due to the removal of a cpu fan ??? Apart from being in a new case, the removal of the fan is the only thing that's changed,

    I'm using my Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Closed, normally I wouldn't use them because my HD800S are better, but w.t.f, the music sounds really intimate and clear and excellent.

    Maybe I just needed a few days without the mscaler to realise that without it, music sounds schit ? either that or pulse width modulation fans are REALLY good at destroying digital music ?

    Funny thing is, I dislike my Aeon's, but today they sound excellent.

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
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  6. Triode User
    I get that 'pop' when changing tracks in Roon if one track is 44kHz and the other is a higher frequency. It is because the Mscaler drops out of lock on (say 768 kHz) and the locks on to the new frequency (say 705.6 kHz).

    Are you sure that isn't what was happening with you?
  7. Amberlamps
    Nope, what was happening with me was worse than changing sample rate, as soon as I rebooted the mscaler it stopped doing it. During the time I've had the mscaler, basically a year, it's only done it once, and it was in the summer, maybe heatstroke ?

    It would also do it when any of the buttons on TT2's remote were pushed, even dimming the screen on TT2 caused it to pop/crackle, but it went away when I unplugged and rebooted the mscaler.

    I had to unstack the mscaler and TT2 due to the heat, as my cave gets roughly 10-11 hours of direct sunshine in the summer and it's like an oven.
  8. Triode User
    Oh well, worth asking. My pop when changing from red book to higher frequencies is more than just a pop, it more like a loudish ‘crack’. Glad you are sorted though.
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  9. GreenBow
    Arf! Haha.

    Well there is a 2080 Ti Super coming out, if not already released. Ha.

    If you want advice on speakers to pair with TToby or TT2 direct then you need to tell stuff. Budget, and size.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  10. Amberlamps
    I don't get that loud crack. It was really just that one time that the mscaler went nuts, which a reboot fixed.

    Although I have heard a rare pop, but it's not something that I can replicate, it happens and then I won't hear it again for weeks or months, maybe I'm just not paying enough attention.

    Rob, are you reading this, my mscaler doesn't make a pop or crack sound / noise, is my mscaler broken ?

    I wants my pops n crackles

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  11. Uncle Monty
    I sometimes get a 'pop' when skipping to the next track.
    Not always, only sometimes..

    Actually, it's more of a sort of cut-out with a bit of noise.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  12. Triode User
    If you want you snap crackle and pop you need Ricicles.
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  13. Amberlamps
    It's gotta be Coco Pops, as the snap crackle and pops sound better due to the chocolate covering.

    Plus it turns the milk all chocolaty.
  14. Triode User
    Yes, I forgot about the chocolate ones.
  15. audio_1
    Stop or pause the 44kHz track, before commencing playback of the 48 kHz one. This eliminated the clicks on my Dave and Blu2. Qobuz playlists, with a mix of tracks with different sample rates and no pauses still cause clicks though.
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