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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. kyle1010
    I had a Dave. Ran it through my old Woo WA22 tube amp complete with all the spendy 1950s and 1960s NOS tubes. Honestly, for live recordings it sounded superb. The cliche Dave atmospheric “you are there” feeling was in full effect but with added three dimensionality and warmth from the tubes. Delish. However, for studio recordings with a lot of weight and impact which is primarily what I listen to, even with the tubes Dave was too thin and technical sounding. I tried for weeks to like it but it just lacked soul plain and simple. Now M Scaled Dave is a different story. HMS brings the soul back mixed with those Dave atmospherics. It’s unbelievable. Put all that through a tip top valve amp and it’s game over. We’ll get there :)
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  2. musickid
    did you not say you were now using the tt2 in place of the dave as it was more fleshy and organic? you've lost me here.

    with respect to the ferrites can someone reassure me that these cost effective tweaks don't go against what Rob said concerning how adding ferrites decreases SQ with HMS as it already has internal mini ferrites?

    the lightning was the only Britsh built and designed fighter jet to go over mach 2.

    Amber have a look at the earmax pro tube amp. Real German quality for 500. i use to have one. here's a link. http://theac.co.uk/earmax.html
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  3. Windseeker
    Congrats for becoming officially "Roon Tested"!
    HMS has already worked well with Roon, but it's nice to see an official acknowledgement.:smile_phones:

    Roon Tested.png
  4. Ragnar-BY
    All I`ve heard from ferrites was perfectly in line with Rob`s explanations of RF noise effect, so it should not be degrading anything.

    Just go and try it. You can always take ferrites off, or return to stock cables.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  5. mt-hifidelity
    I need to check Roon's site to understand exactly what 'Roon Tested' really means. I don't think it means there are any special Roon-specific supported capabilities for M Scaler, or does it?
  6. musickid
    A few alterations to roon's default settings are made in line with whatever piece of equipment is chosen alongside a database which roon keeps about the mscaler so they know its operating limits and parameters should you use roon's dsp with the mscaler. it's not roon ready where those products come shipped with internal roon recognition hardware/software. seeing as the mscaler is designed for rbcd i would imagine most here will want to keep their settings exactly the same as they always have been.
  7. kyle1010
    Yup. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Sold the Dave to get TT2 for that exact reason and it’s bliss. Just got the HMS yesterday. So what might be confusing is my remarks about Scaled Dave. Not too long after I got the TT2, I went to CanJam SoCal and tested out a Dave with Blu Mk II..basically M Scaled. I thought it was going to thin out Dave’s sound even more with all the added million tap detail. I was dead wrong. I used my own LCD-4s for the demo, which due to how power hungry they are, did NOT perform well straight out of my previously owned standalone Dave. So I was expecting the same out of the Blu/Dave but just with finer detail. Dude, Blu/Dave had the LCD-4 earpads shaking with rich, weighty, organic, soulful power..with extreme effortless detail and spaciousness. I was in shock. It blew the doors off the nearby dCS Bartok dac/amp, which in itself WAS the best sounding thing at the whole show. I then switched from BluDave immediately over to the demo TT2/HMS and heard pretty much the same amount of detail but the giant spacious image the Blu/Dave produced was shrunk in half and not as rich and impactful. Earpads were not shaking anymore. Now, I currently cheat to get that feeling out of my TT2/HMS with the WA33 and it works, but I can’t help but imagine what I described the scaled Dave’s sound as, being put through the WA33. Good lord. So, great, now I kinda want the Dave back to see what’s what.
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  8. musickid
    sell woo get dave?
  9. Clive101
    Hang on for one moment do not sell the WA33 just get the Dave....
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  10. kyle1010
  11. kyle1010
    This guy gets it. I could just sell the TT2 and cough up the price difference for a used Dave. In time. TT2/HMS/WA33 is just fine for now.
  12. kyle1010
    Oh here’s a stupid question. How do you turn HMS on and off?? It turns on when I plug it in but there’s no on/off button/switch. Not even on the remote and it doesn’t explain it in the quick start guide or PDF manuals on the Chord website. Maybe I’m blind idk.
  13. birdlandbill
    No on-off switch.
  14. kyle1010
    So, how do I turn it off? A button combo like the dimming? I seriously just unplugged it last night. Is there an auto on/off setting when used with TT2? I’m lost.
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    For those interested in tube sound from Chord DACs: a budget-friendlier solution and theoretically better than any (other) tube amp.
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