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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Glossator
  2. Glossator
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  3. Glossator
    Sorry: I do not quite seem to have the hang of this yet: intended as a reply to @ZappaMan.

    Agreed! Trying to persuade your local post office to release something imported from Canada (or elsewhere) without paying VAT on the basis that a parcel is on loan, or indeed seeking to reclaim the VAT from HMRC (or any tax authority in another jurisdiction) if you send a package back, feels like a very uphill task.
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  4. Uncle Monty
    Even sending gear to the US for repair is a pain with the hassle you get from Customs & Excise.
  5. ajaipuriyar
    I have been running the Opto DX, powered by Uptone JS2 (dirty side) and PilotPro (clean side) and connected with Forza Audio BNC cables.

    Opto DX sits between the HMS and Dave.

    There is significant drop in the noise floor and new bass lines have emerged in songs which I have heard hundreds of times. Overall music is more enjoyable and engaging.

    HMS connected to JS2 @12v sounds the best to me.
    HMS with stock PS sounds a bit muddy relatively.
    HMS with PilotPro 2 @ 16V was a bit more energetic for my taste.


    Better PS on HMS and Opto DX is definitely a step up for my subjective ears. I think separating all 3 power sources might have greater benefit.
    Hence I have ordered another PilotPro to see how the sound changes with both TX and RX on battery and HMS on JS2. Lets see how the experiment goes.

    Many a times during the last 12 yrs of this hobby, while listening to music, I have thought ‘it can’t get better than this’ but have been pleasantly surprised again and again.

    Removing/reducing effects of RF from the chain has been one such instance.

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
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  6. AlanYWM
    For me, the biggest handicap of the MScaler is the BNC cables. Without the Opto DX box or something similar, a pair of good BNC cables is required to bring out the best of the MScaler. For those who are happy with the BNC cables that came with the MScaler, good for you. But it is not for me.
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  7. rkt31
    Try ifi dc purifier with stock supply, it may even better linear supply and very close to battery. Pilot2 also uses some kind of circuitry inside inside ? Did you try speakers ?
  8. ajaipuriyar
    Sure. Looks like a low cost/risk tweak.

    I haven’t tried speakers as I am 100% into Headphones with Abyss Phi TC and Susvara being my current headphones.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  9. ray-dude

    The PP2 has an internal DC-DC transformer, so it isn't the best power supply (from a voltage regulation perspective). It has fantastic electrical isolation (it's a battery :wink: and modest transient current capacity (it's a battery :frowning2: )

    In my experiments, different pieces of kit seem to be impacted more or less by different aspects of power:

    HMS benefits from mains isolation (PP2) but even more from better voltage regulation and transient capacity. I love the PP2's because they are a quick cheap way to experiment to see what works and doesn't work in your chain and your home.
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  10. JaZZ Contributor
    Just wondering: What transients are there to be expected from the M Scaler? I imagine the dual-data mode as a constant continuous data stream without any peaks and dips.
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  11. ray-dude
    I don't have a clear way to separate these factors right now (for HMS) since I only have one high current supply that has both great regulation and transient response (Paul Hynes SR4). My hypothesis would be the same as yours, but I don't have a way to test it (yet).
  12. Amberlamps

    This is exactly what I mean, Rob designed his products to sound good as is, why the need for other bits and pieces. Aslong as you have good cables, that should in theory be all one needs.

    Dave or TT2 or any other chord dac + mscaler = golden, as the above quoted post shows.

    I would love to buy everything that folk here are posting about, but I can't afford it and even if I could afford it, the chances of me noticing the difference is marginal at best.

    I can't tell the difference between roon streaming qobuz or my cca streaming qobuz, and ones usb and the other is optical.

    I'm sure Opto DX does what it says it can do, and I know wave cables does what they say they can do, but my post earlier was more aimed at not just those two, but everything else like reclockers, power conditioners, those ifi usb thingys etc etc etc. Oh and audiophile ethernet pcie cards, here's looking at you jcat.

    It would be cool if there was some sort of database with blind testing results that potential buyers could look up and see how well or bad a device performed when being blind tested.
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  13. Amberlamps
    you think thats bad, I just bought new earpads for my aeon flow closed headphones, $59 from mr speaker store, 73$ total to ship and that was using the cheapest shipping method and when they arrive in the UK I will be hit with 20% for vat and something as a customs fee and a royal mail handling fee of £8.

    Probably cost me over £100 just to replace two earpads that are total crap, the new ones on the headphones have lasted 2 months from new and they are all buckled and out of shape.

    I just wish third party earpad makers would make a decent pair for the aeons.
  14. Amberlamps
    Once brexit happens and trump hooks us up with a US trade deal, maybe buying from the states might be as easy as buying from europe today ?

    But I'm not sure america has anything worth buying, as they get china to make everything and US made products carry a premium price, like diapers and afro combs.
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  15. Glossator
    It was this type of thinking that I originally started down ...

    I have just tried running my (single) battery to the Opto DXR and the custom PSU to the HMS and Opto DRT - not a good result; sounds thin and the wonderful synergy disappears.

    I think (?) this suggests that really good power to the Opto DXR matters a lot (and seems to indicate that galvanic RFU is either not passing through my PSU from the two sides of the Opto Bridge at all or is doing so at a low level that does not seem to worry me).

    What this doesn't show is whether an entirely separate PSU on the HMS would be better than a battery - which I think is what you are suggesting/wondering ...

    But, if the hunch alluded to in my post yesterday that galvanic RFI transmitted by the HMS power cable is really important is right, then I think to get the benefit of any better power supply to the HMS the RFI the HMS seems to push out through the power cord needs to be blocked off in a way my PSU with its separate rails fails to do. Is that credible?

    And if it is credible, does anyone know/suspect why a separate PSU should be more effective than a single PSU constructed so that the rails only share a mains input to a transformer: is that shared input to a transformer enough to allow RFI to run riot across the Opto DX bridge, whereas a entirely separate transformer would solve the problem? Apologises if the answer is obvious!
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