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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. dac64
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  2. musickid
    $30 for clip ons. The mscaler does have mini ferrites inside and galvanically isolated bnc's.
  3. dac64
    I have a HMS too!

    USD 7.99 for 10 pieces.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  4. musickid
    I look forward very much to Ray's final findings and optimal solution here. If anything it is a fascinating story to follow when you consider the implications at hand.
  5. birdlandbill
    pretty amazing and efficient speakers! thank you for sharing.
  6. ray-dude
    My first single driver high efficiency speakers with the Omega Super Alnico Monitors (see my big Hugo2/DAVE review below). Completely blew me away to hear what Chord DACs could sound like with nothing except speaker wire between the DAC and the transducer (no amp, no cross overs, no switches). This was (and remains) for me a third way of listening to music, in addition to headphone and traditional two channel audio. Completely different experience, and one that is wired to some deep “reality trigger” in my brain.

    Ultimate in transparency, but you pay a price in tonal balance and range. A single driver can only do so much. hearing the Omega/Chord combo completely changed my expectation of music reproduction. I would go back and forth between my beloved B&W 802d3’s and the Omegas, never satisfied.

    ultimately I learned about the Vox’s and arranged for a day trip to Texas to audition a set with my DACs (you haven’t arrived as an audiophile until you’ve experienced 8 TSA agents huddled around a Chord DAVE and Blu2, and a whole crap ton of BNC cables with ferrites...if you think explaining to your significant other what all this stuff is is hard, imagine trying to explain to TSA agents)

    I fell in love with the Vox’s on note 1, and spent 4+ hours confirming these were the speakers for me. That set is now in my living room. What I didn’t expect was how profound an impact bass could have on imaging and sense of space. The Vox bass drivers are completely unique (two 100dB++++ sensitivity large bass drivers pointed at each other, driven by a 200W class AB amp), and one of the most amazing things I’ve heard. If you have a chance to hear these, they completely redefine musicality for a bass unit

    Good news is for those that can make it out to Southern California, you don’t have to haul your Chord stack through airport security if you want to hear the combination...I have all that setup already :)
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  7. birdlandbill
    Had a nice chuckle imagining TSA agents looking at Chord's distinctive gear. Just look like trouble (wonder if they were inclined to disassemble or if x-rays were enough). Throw in ferrited BNC cables, we're talking definite explosives. Thank goodness for the interweb. You must be a smooth talker. Would be fun to hear "greatest hits" from TSA agents.

    You hear any of the horn-induced "cupped hand" coloration on vocals Jonathan Valin mentioned in his TAS review? Wondering how you landed on the AC-4D versus the AC-PiND or AC-Xp field coil and not finding much information on the distinctions between these drivers?

    That's a kind audition offer.
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  8. Triode User
    Ray, to add to birdlandbill’s question and bearing in mind that the speakers cost the thick end of 40k or 50k or even 70k depending on driver, do you ever play any rock music at approaching concert levels or is that not really their forte so it is silly to try? I hasten to add that this is just me window shopping and the possibility of me spending that much on speakers is close to nil but in the same review I couldn’t help but notice the reference to different levels of slam with other speakers.
  9. musickid
    Voxativ's on me all round....no problemo.
  10. Amberlamps
    I doubt that there would be much audible difference between 1-2 million taps, but I'm sure some folk here will say differently, but from my perspective being an mscaler owner, I really doubt 2 million taps will sound twice as better as 1m taps. Even in blind tests I'm not sure if people would consistently be able to tell the difference between 1million and 2 million taps.

    There comes a point in time where chasing numbers becomes just that, chasing a higher number just because it's attainable and nothing else.

    There is 3 types of users.

    1, freebie reviewers who speak a pile of schit because if they say x product is crap, there goes their free lunch. I don't give them the time of day because they are fake news. Point in hand, Darko, he proclaims omg buy Bartok it's so good, but yet he just bought a dave instead.

    2, normal users, like most of the folk here, ( note I said most and not all ) and out of all those, I would believe maybe 20% of their reviews.

    3, fanboi's. I don't give them the time of day because they say things like, "I can hear changes in music if I eat cheese". yup, thats how stupid they look.

    When it comes to reviews of 2, 4 10 million taps if there is ever such a product, I forsee fun and games and bullschit and lies, with a tiny sprinkling of the truth from a handful of normal users.

    I very much doubt that most folk will hear a difference between a 1, 2 or 4 or 10 million tap mscaler. There is only so much info you can extract from recordings.

    It's like dac's supporting upto 768khz and dsd 512, at this point in time they are useless, well unless you have an mscaler, but even with one, does the mscaler at 768khz sound as good as a real music file that has been recorded professionally at 768khz ?

    Thats my pov whether it's right or wrong.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  11. birdlandbill
    Then there's Mr. Watts, stating that the effect of going to 1Mtap gave rise to an unexpected improvement in SQ. This is borne out by many HMS + X listeners/buyers, including this listener/owner. Suggests keeping an open mind on things we poorly understand. I'm unconvinced that we are transducing digitally mastered/released music optimally. I base this on the incredible improvements in Redbook recorded music listening experience that has only very recently become available. For many years, I found listening to CD's painfully inadequate. Now, not so much.

    On the other hand, would any further change be enough to interrupt currently remarkable music listening experiences for an upgrade? We'll have to wait and see. I agree with your skeptical approach, but skeptics can be convinced by new data. Cynics, no.

    A bit dismissive to suggest that most contributions here are not worth the bits they require for display. This thread, others like it and a generous vendor, Drew Baird, helped me find my way to wonderful digitally transduced sound for much less $$ than my old and now kaput 2 channel system.

    BTW, chewing cheese, other food and gum does effect sound quality for musculoskeletal and audio distractive reasons :wink:
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  12. jlbrach
    I tend to agree with the rather colorful way of saying that it is difficult to discern minute differences and that we talk ourselves into a lot of things....the difference between my iphone and a chord dave is a lot more profound than the chord dave vs dave with the M scaler....as i get older my biggest concern is whether my ears will actually ever allow me to hear any differences from existing technology here and now....I hear pretty well for one getting up there in age but i am doubtful i can discern the small differences the m-scaler of 2million taps would provide vs todays m-scaler...that said there is a certain psychological enjoyment one gets from knowing he or she owns the best..some years back i used to own a Linn sondek turntable which at the time was considered the very best turntable available. In time new turntables emerged considered even better but i recently got to hear the turntable i owned years ago from a person who still owns his from many years ago and to be honest i would strain to hear the differences in todays far more expensive turntables...
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  13. Amberlamps
    I'm not being dismissive of everything, rob himself said that 1 million taps was what was needed for his mscaler based upon calculations. My opinion and it is only my opinion, but I doubt that a higher number of taps filter/mscaler will be much better than 1 million taps.

    For instance when the mscaler stand alone first came out, some folk could hardly hear the difference between that and their dac used on it's own without the mscaler.

    Now before fireworks start going off, "Rob's unexpected SQ improvement", take that with a pinch of salt, as it's coming from Rob, an engineer. One who solely focuses on audio and frequencies. Read as, someone who knows the audio spectrum inside and out, unlike a huge chunk of the worlds population.

    Case in point. His filters improve/change the SQ, but 98% of users can't tell the difference between them. I doubt very much anyone but rob could reliably tell the difference between them in blind tests as we don't have decades of audio spectrum testing that he does.

    Yes if you fill your mouth with food it may cause you to hear differently when chewing, but you know the type of folk that I mean, those who can put on a pair of socks and say they noticed a sq improvement. The type of folk who notice a change in audio when there is no change.

    Kinda like buying those pointy triangle things and sticking their dacs on top of it, What, thats the type of thing that gives audiophiles a bad name.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  14. birdlandbill
    Some truth to this and definitely true that most listeners don't care overmuch about SQ, but most listeners aren't on this thread.

    Something kinda weird is that folks I know that play music professionally or with expertise don't get their knickers into a twist about SQ at all. Just want to hear "good music" with minimum fuss/maximum portability and I expect most listeners line up there as well. OTOH, given the choice of a good versus a so-so minfuss system, most would choose the good system (very cost sensitive, though).

    We're kinda weird in our obsession.
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  15. musickid
    The truth is that until 2M taps is realised we can gossip all we want. We won't know until it does become a reality.
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