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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Hermitsden
  2. musickid
    Well one certainly didn't need a PhD in theoretical rocket science to deduce that.:deadhorse:
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  3. ZappaMan
    There was a Dutch person (from memory) through out of the computer audiophile forum for posts promoting sbooster - from memory !
  4. musickid
    Case solved....:sunglasses:
  5. Deano1974
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  6. Deano1974
    You do realize this is the M Scaler thread?

    Do you own a M scaler and Chord Dac?
  7. Razumikhin
    Has any used an unpowered Sablon USB (or other unpowered USB) to feed the M Scaler? My USB cable is currently with Sablon and I’m trying to decide whether I should have the 5V power leg added. I asked Chord customer support and didn’t receive a clear response. Thanks!
  8. miketlse
    Post the response that you received, and possibly someone here can clarify what was meant.
  9. naynay
    Not sure if this will help but with my setup on my server i have two USB outputs to choose to connect to M Scaler.
    One 5volt and the other without any voltage.
    I have to use the 5 volt USB output as i get no sound using the one without voltage.
  10. miketlse
    Based on that, it looks like the M Scaler usb input is similar to the usb input on the chord dacs.
    Those use the 5V VBUS signal to activate the usb input circuitry.
  11. Razumikhin
    Here’s the response I received: “
    Dear Sir, thanks for your email
    Mscaler doesn't 'need' the power but it tends to work best on cables with the power feed inside. It is possible the unpowered cable won't work.“
  12. miketlse
    I see what you mean. I think what the email was trying to communicate was:
    • The MScaler uses the 15v DC socket to power the main electronic circuitry - not the usb socket
    • 'it tends to work best on cables with the power feed inside' is trying to say that 'normal' cables work best, because if the 5V wire is separate and outside the shielding protecting the data wires, the 5V wire could pick up RFI.
    • 'It is possible the unpowered cable won't work.' is confirmed by https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hug...official-thread.885042/page-448#post-14937104 . It looks like the 5V VBUS activates the usb input circuitry
    Perhaps @Rob Watts could confirm (or otherwise) my thoughts
  13. Amberlamps
    I was just using the mscaler from my xonar sound card, via optical cable and when in roon and playing 88.2khz tracks, roon auto upscales those tracks upto 96khz.

    After 5 minutes of wondering What, it looks like although the asus xonar soundcard is good for sample rates upto 192khz, it only supports 44.1, 48, 96 and 192khz sample rates. This only happens on the xonar soundcard via optical cable.

    The mscaler via usb plays 88.2khz tracks just fine without roon auto upscaling it to 96khz.

    I have to admit, Roon has the best sound quality compared to all my other app's/programs. It's magic.


    Roon just served up a spine chilling track and put me into a downer.

    Tavener: Song for Athene.

    I remember that schit from princess diana's funeral, it freaked me out then also.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  14. Razumikhin
    Thank you everyone for the helpful responses!
  15. STR-1
    The USB cable feeding into a Chord dac or M Scaler needs the 5v VBUS to work. However, if you have a USB reclocker (e.g. ISO Regen or tX-USBultra) in between the source and the dac/M Scaler, the usb connection upstream of the reclocker can be unpowered.
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