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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. delirium
    YESSSSS....the sound is back! I have been so frustrated...all i had too do was too get rid off uptone uspcb crap...?
  2. flyte3333
    I was going to ask if you’re going to downsample to 48kHz (since it’s a 768kHz recording) or 44.1kHz...

    But maybe just do both, for comparing to the native original 768kHz recording? Comparing one extra thing shouldn't add too much to the experimenting time.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  3. Amberlamps


    Soul Glo

  4. Chester Rockwell
    I’m sure I read in one of the Blu2/Dave/M Scaler threads a post by Rob explaining why 2m BNC cables are likely to sound better than shorter ones. Can anyone remember the science behind it or point me in the direction of the original post?

  5. x RELIC x Contributor
  6. Triode User
  7. Chester Rockwell
    Thanks both. I had been searching but didn’t realise you could search via user.
  8. ZappaMan
    been listening to the jungle book a lot lately to get my little girl to go sleep, usually on my phone, but its really nice on the mscaler\tt2. Has a lot of subtlety, with the trombone and big drum, the vocals too.


    thinking about it, i'm starting to wonder whether it was the jungle book that got me interested in music, way back when, certainly brass and jazz.....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. ufospls2

    ...damn that must be heaven with the DAVE MScaler combo!!!
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  10. iDesign
    In theory, the longer cable length will attenuate high frequencies better.
  11. ray-dude
    In theory, my understanding is that SPDIF cables should be at least 1.5m (min) to make it easier for the receiver to reject reflections. Being digital signals, I’m not sure how much credence I give that, but that is the lore I have heard.

    As a practical matter, with Blu2 (back in the day) I heard clear improvement going from 0.5m to 1m to 2m, and barely any change going to 4m. I ended up with 2m cables.

    As a reference, the sq improvement from loading up the cables with ferrites to manage RF was WAY more than the relatively subtle improvement with the longer cables.

    Nick’s STREAM cables at 1m we’re slightly but clearly better SQ than my heavily ferrited 2m cables. You get much more bang for the buck with RF hygiene.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  12. iDesign
    I agree with the change from 1M to 2M being hard to perceive. Though admittedly my listening tests were sighted and it was hard to conduct over a several hour period. My findings with the Blu Mk II were somewhat consistent with the findings Romaz and Rob Watts posted in 2018. Are you using ferrites with the Hugo M Scaler or was this with the Blu MkII?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  13. ray-dude
    I did my cable length experiments with Blu2 (documented in my huge Blu2 review) but I’m currently using my 2m Ferrited Cable of Shame with my HMS. I have not repeated the experiments with my HMS

    As I noted in my review it was very hard to hear differences with headphones, but I could hear clear differences with my Omega super alnico monitors (esp in near field).

    As always with digital, I urge people to try things in their preferred setup (YMWV). Thankfully BNC cable length is a cheap and easy experiment to do.
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  14. Triode User
    Ray, those ones you tried were 1m Stream cables.
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  15. Tao8
    The bnc plat Starlight cables I had terminated at 1.5m lengths based on everyone’s comments and also I have the same cables as USB cables and the 1.5m version sounds best to my ears.

    Also I just upgraded the length of dc cable from the psu that feeds into the m scaler and changed the unshielded dc wire to a bigger gauge shielded furutech cable terminated with an oyaide dc plug. Hmmmm, surprisingly good move. I was only expecting small change but got a good deal of bass extension, more midbass richness and a nice shot of dynamics added as well. Just burning it in now. Sounding very promising.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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