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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. racebit
    When you sold the Dave, what were you considering using in its place that would be better? Something you already had or a new buy you were planning?
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  2. Ross Contributor
    I already had one other DAC, which I (initially) thought was better than the DAVE, and I was also planning to try some other DACs.
  3. racebit
    Could you please share the DAC you had and eventually the others your were contemplanting?
  4. Ross Contributor
    I'd prefer not to get into a discussion of other DACs.
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  5. racebit
    OK, no problem. Thank you a lot on your impression s on the HMS, TT2 and Dave.
    Like with other brands audio equipment it is interesting how opinions and preferences can be so different. But for those of us who are not able to try (properly) before buy, it is important to read and process all those opinions.
    BTW, in order for me to better contextualize, do you have an opinion on TT2 vs Mojo? I'm very near to jump on TT2.
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  6. xxx1313
    It seems that you add noise to your setup through the M Scaler, imo, predominantly coming from the wall socket. Did you try adding an isolation transformer, power filter, better power cable and/or ferrites on the DC-cable between the M Scaler and its SMPS?
  7. Ross Contributor
    The Mojo is great, but there is a big jump to the TT2. The Mojo is warmer sounding, but a little coarse by comparison to the TT2, which sounds bigger, more dynamic, more neutral, smoother and more resolving. A clear step up.
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  8. jlbrach
    as one who has had pretty much every HP other than the stax i can say with confidence and of course my own personal opinion that the abyss and susvara are the 2 best available HP's...there are other great choices and certianly subjectively one can enjoy others but to me these 2 stand above
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  9. dac64
    I have been followed chord threads for more than three years therefore I knew who to follow. :wink:
  10. Ross Contributor
    No, it's not noise from the M Scaler. For one thing, noise from the M Scaler would be equally apparent on zero upsampling as it is on full upsampling.
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    This is interesting. I don't have the TT2 but I do have the Mojo and the DAVE. If I recall correctly you prefer the TT2 over the DAVE because TT2 is warmer and more substantial sounding, yet you find the Mojo warmer than the TT2. While I agree that the Mojo is more coarse sounding in comparison to the DAVE I find the DAVE to be warmer than the Mojo. Yes, I hear more incisiveness with the DAVE and actually can better distinguish timbre and transients, but the overall tone I get is more warmth and 'oomph' with the DAVE over the Mojo.
  12. Ross Contributor
    Perhaps "darker" is a better description than "warmer" for the TT2 against the DAVE, as well as fuller sounding. The Mojo does sound warmer than the TT2 and possibly a shade darker.

    DAVE is definitely warmer without Blu2/HMS but still less warm than the Mojo, but DAVE is obviously much better than the Mojo overall. Add the Blu 2 to the DAVE and it is definitely no longer warm sounding, but clearly still a much better DAC.

    I should add that "warmth" is not always a positive feature by itself and more isn't necessarily better. Some components can definitely sound too warm. The Mojo is probably a shade too warm for my tastes (though I do like it) and the DAVE/Blu 2 was a bit too cool/bright. The TT2 is just about right.

    But here I suppose I am getting into semantics and subtle differences.
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  13. x RELIC x Contributor
    This is precisely where we disagree, which I find very interesting. When I first received the DAVE I thought it sounded too warm/dark, and this was coming from Mojo. Source being the difference? Different perception? I dunno. Still interesting.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  14. racebit
    So, trying to summarize, from more to less warm:
    Ross: Mojo > TT2 > Dave
    x RELIC x: Dave > Mojo
    This means we are trapped in a circle :) Joking aside, maybe there are differences in the setups.
    The warm filter setting was not mentioned, I assume is off on these comparisons.
    If the warm filter was not so "subtle" (as stated by Chord in the manual) maybe it could allow for everyone to get its preference. I read many people dismissing Chord DACs because find them too bright, analytical. And it is not only taste, people ears have different FR, and changes a lot with age and other factors. Not to mention HPs FR also varies lot.
    In some cases these factors (taste, ear FR, HP FR) can compensate each other, but in the cases where all factors tend the same way, they can add up to extreme.
    So trying to match such a wide variability with a "subtle" filter is likely to put some people off, and ending preferring much lesser DACs. I wish Rob would make the warm filters stronger.

    But getting a bit more on topic, I thought I have read that HMS makes the sound a bit warmer, but now Ross reports the opposite. Again maybe there are differences in the setups.
  15. analogmusic
    Man goes to Bmw showroom

    Looks at 3 series 5 series and 7 series

    All are good, but end up preferring 3 series over the 5 or 7

    Whatever. Ho hum.

    His ears his money his preference....

    Check please...
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