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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. miketlse
    Doesn't show the dust as much either.
  2. Mediahound
    I much prefer black.
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  3. ZappaMan
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  4. PJDubyaM
    Had my M Scaler for about a week now. It's just going into a Mojo via spdif at the moment, so I'm not getting the full million taps. I'm getting whatever what looks like purple is.

    (I'm a little colour-blind. Three or four of the colours signifying Mojo input signal are essentially identical to me.)

    It wasn't a night-and-day difference, but two things are proving to be game-changers for me:

    1) Can genuinely have headphones on all day whilst I'm working, zero fatigue. Unsure whether this is the M Scaler or the Empyreans, perhaps a little of both. But:
    2) LPs that were a tough listen for me before, I can now listen to and enjoy. Last day or two I've done Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘Brute’, Jlin’s ‘Black Origami’, and Hieroglyphic Being’s ‘The Red Notes’. And just now am listening to Blanck Mass's 'World Eater'.

    There's something about the system's ability to resolve walls-of-noise and / or masses of layers, into actual music, that I'm rather enjoying.

    Got a black TT2 on order, expecting it hopefully in the next few weeks. Really really looking forward to that. If any of the Chord peeps fancy prioritising black TT2 orders going to Soundstage... you'll make me a very happy chap.
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  5. GryphonGuy
    In my auditioning, I constantly lapsed from critical listening to enjoying the musical presentation on the Empyreans. The MScaler+DAVE+Empyreans were an utterly enjoyable listening combination and the comfortable feeling of the Empyreans on my head was just a nudge more comfortable than the already comfortable Focal Utopias. Had I not already owned Focal Utopias, the Empyreans would have been in the final two at the very least and possibly my preference. I cannot afford two high-end headphones and the drop in value of used Utopias precludes me from acting at this time.

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  6. dmance
    Formal launch in May ..in my own HeadFi thread. Now two boxes linked by fibre to remove even parasitic capacitances. Will show at CANJAM LosAngeles and London. Stay tuned!
  7. muski
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  8. gnomen
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  9. Triode User
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  10. Nik74
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  11. tunes
  12. Amberlamps

    Not sure how to take your post as it’s one big quote, is your part the bottom piece with regards to susvara ?
  13. tunes

    My post is about Susvara pairing.

    i can’t believe people are suggesting selling DAVE HMS combo for TT2 HMS combo since this is a better syngery with. SUSVARA and ABYSS. I still think for what I’ve read that keeping the former and adding a really good high powered HP amp or speaker amp for the SUSVARA is the way to go. Anyone else have any thoughts??
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  14. naynay

    Playing some DSD64 into M Scaler and the DX OP is blue is this correct?

  15. ZappaMan
    What sample rate does that equate to?
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