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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Triode User
    A (young) man went to Harrods in 1976 and bought a green velvet suit. A few weeks later he wore it when he got married. I no longer have the green velvet suit but I still have my wife. All true.
  2. Tao8
    I had these second hand from some time back so yes, not the price it cost me. I’m always happy to find best for less and freebie best would absolutely be best of all.
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  3. zappazappazappa
    I'm not familiar with the Qutest but on the TT/TT2 it is possible to attach grounding wires fitted with a suitable connection to the allen bolts on the underside of the case. I use the Russ Andrews grounding system. https://www.russandrews.com/images/pdf/GroundingMk3.pdf. I have included this link which may be of interest/help.
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  4. Triode User
    I use Furutech bnc quite a lot. As far as I can tell the carbon fibre ones are exactly the same inside as the less expensive FP-3-117(R) which I use and which should perform exactly the same as thearbon fibre ones.. Furutech bnc are well made and give a 360degree solder to the screen in the same way as the Oyaide ones (I prefer the Oyaide though).
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  5. Ragnar-BY
    Any recommendations for good coaxial cable to use with those Furutech connectors to make DIY interconnects?
  6. Triode User
    Because the cable length is quite short any half decent 75 ohm cable is probably going to transmit the digital signal faithfully. Canare or Belden and many others do good ones. A cable of overall outside diameter of about 7.6 or 7.7mm suits the Furutech BNC connectors if my memory is working well. Look for cables that have foil shielding as well as braid (most do anyway but some have quite poor foil coverage).

    Where it gets more complicated is finding ways to filter any common mode RF noise in the cable. Personally I haven't come across any way of doing this successfully apart from using ferrites and in my experience these will have much more effect on the MScaler quality of sound than different cables.

    By the way, pay good attention to getting the solder to track all the way around the shield on the Furutech connectors so that it there is good electrical contact all the way around. You need to feed the solder in through the two holes on the opposite sides of the connector. Unfortunately experience is really the only way to know how much solder is needed for that - not too much and not too little. I find having a fairly powerful soldering iron is useful for this part so it can heat the joint up quickly without heating up the surrounding cable. I use a 100w iron for the shield and a much smaller one for the core to pin soldering.
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  7. Ragnar-BY
    Thank you for hints. For coaxial cable both ends of shield should be soldered or only the source side?
  8. ZappaMan
    For some reason, my mscaler, tt2, hd800s combo are sounding really amazing today. In particular the bass is really textured, that holographic kick I used to get is back.

    What makes today different from yesterday, nothing, except I slept really lightly. Maybe my consciousness is more perceptive right now.
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  9. Jan Tage Holmber
    As I wrote in one of my first entries on this forum (#3740 of Nov 30) I had problems with the long original cable to my Focal Utopias acting as an antenna picking up RF from HMS on 1M taps causing almost continuous dropouts. This was remedied by the FU dedicated Silver Dragon cable from Moon, I should have chosen a bit longer cable, however. I have asked them if they could not manufacture a 1 meter extension cable, but I got no reply. The BNC connection was initially a Supra cable at a nice price but I still got some annoying dropouts, not every minute but anyhow disturbing. Moon make a special Black Dragon cable to connect HMS to the Hugo 2 and with this I have had no more dropouts and am very pleased. Formely I was not a believer in expendive cables but have bowed to the evident benefits. I agree with you that it might be the tight fit of the Furutech connectors and the improved shielding of quality cables that is responible for the improvement.
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  10. Christer
    Thanks Jan Tage , I have actually begun to suspect that the stock cable of my HD800 could be part of the problem because sometimes the drop-outs have occured while puttting the headphones over my ears or moving the cable around.
    I even tapped my headphone amp's case to check if it may be causing drop-outs.
    But it did not seem to be the culprit.
    I have a Furutech silver cable as well with me and will try that one again.
    Cheers Controversial Christer
  11. phase0
    I enjoyed your post. I just had to LOL at this. I dial up some Joni Mitchell on Tidal via Audirvana to try and get a sense for what you're saying. I don't have any vinyl for comparison... Just my HTT2. It sounds great to me! I was trying to get "a little plasticky, lifeless, and grey." but I don't get it. I would have said it sounds very life like, and detailed with excellent articulation and sound stage. I'm not trying to criticize you for this it's just hilarious to me that we have some gear that's better than what a lot of people can afford and it's still just "meh/okay". I don't know when my mScaler will arrive, it may be weeks off for all I know. I have a lot to look forward too apparently. From my relative perspective I'm asking myself, "can it really get better?" If I can have ~ month with HTT2 I will hopefully have a better appreciation for mScaler when it comes. I've never heard the mScaler and I'm still in the new toy wonderland of the HTT2 so don't mind me I'll go back to lurking now...
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  12. Triode User
    Both ends. It is not just a shield, it is part of the circuit.
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  13. shuttlepod
    Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and got a laugh out of the vinyl comparison. Everything is relative. The negative comments were all in the context of the tone and texture I was hearing from my vinyl. I do remember thinking that the clarity of the digital "Blue" was outstanding and Joni's voice in particular was super clear and emotive. So while my observations may seem harsh, it doesn't mean that I thought DAVE/HMS was rendering a "bad" version of the tunes on "Blue" -- far from it.

    I used to find vinyl playback, assuming a good recording and a good pressing, consistently more involving than digital. That is no longer the case -- it really comes down to individual recordings and the quality of the vinyl and sometimes it's hard to predict in advance which will sound better. That's a huge compliment to folks like Rob Watts who have lifted digital playback to new heights.
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  14. musickid
    i noticed (especially in the dark) that the optical out on the back of the mscaler glows slightly orange. it can also be seen glowing with the lights on. is this normal in that it is just showing the optical light glowing outwards? could Rob or someone here confirm this is normal and okay? thanks mk.
  15. iDesign
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