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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. zappazappazappa
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  2. jbrownson
    How do you go about earthing the Qutest? I get a hum when I use it with my Shure KSE 1500 electrostatic IEMs. When I touch the case, or use a battery bank the hum goes away. I suspect I ned to earth the system since neither unit has an earth connection.

    I found the ifi Groundhog, but the Qutest doesn't have a spare RCA or any of the other options it provides.
  3. Christer

    Thanks for your very comprehensive in depth take, already within ten days of use.
    From the music examples and tracks you mention you're obviously someone who could hear these obvious improvements in SQ without much need for any equipment or brain break-in.
    I have very similar experiences as you with my M Scaler.
    To me even under HI FI shop and headphones only conditions during my first auditions, the leap in SQ even over DAVE on its own was obvious within seconds of listening to well recorded acoustic music I know very well.

    Interesting also to read your comparison between your best vinyl and M Scaler and the human voice as well.
    I suspect that we might agree there as well.
    Good as it is by any standard I also partly fear that M Scaler will not make my best vinyl completely obsolete.

    In my system back home my electrostatic speakers and vinyl system can occasionally with the very best of vinyl still bring me a bit closer to say a live string quartet or a soprano voice than any digital reproduction I have had to compare with so far.

    It may well be that M Scaler will win and parts of me really hope it will.

    But I still need to put it through the ultimate test, a big resolving speaker based system and direct cut LP.
    Like you I have so far with my ownM Scaler only used mine with the supplied BNC cable.
    But like some others here I have also experienced some disturbing drop-outs with it now and then.
    Starting up my M Scaler first in my start up sequence seems to largely avoid the problem of drop-outs.
    But this morning I again had a short drop-out with one track.
    Having just read the recent correspondence here around BNC cables and connectors I am going to experiment a bit with different BNC cables and BNC connectors soon.

    A tight fit and properly locked-in position seems important and judging from the supplied usb cable with my M Scaler,well the one supplied was anything but tight fitting!
    I exhanged it within days and have never used it since.
    I had way too many drop-outs and even a few times had to restart my complete setup again in order get back into business again.

    Something similar seems to apply for the supplied PSU with my Qutest, well no fitting probems there. But the battery powered LPS I am using provides an audible improvement in effortlessness and ease of reproduction compared to the stock one.

    Less harshness (probably just less mains noise intruding) and simply more relaxed and realistic SQ. Not a night and day difference but big enough to matter to me.

    So yes I suspect both you and I can still squeeze out a few drops more juice from our HMS combos by paying attention to some little things that could add "a tad more ease and realism" and even more musical emjoyment to us.

    I hope the Furutech BNC connector suggestion by someone recently will be a cheap enough and good enough route to follow for me.
    I don't want to have to go to the extreme expense of buying either a Habst or Wave BNC cable set to reach "Nirvana" if I can avoid it.
    But one thing is sure,what I already have is imho definitely in digital SOTA category.
    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  4. Christer

    As someone who has recently experienced occasional drop-out problems with the supplied BNC with my M Scaler, could you say what I'd be looking at pricewise to try this option ie Platinum/Furutech?
    Cheers Controversial Christer
  5. analogmusic
    Christer your post is interesting

    So here it goes

    Man goes to Harrods
    Looks around.....
    tried to return his Msclaer within 30 days
    Says he prefers his old thorens turntable
    Harrods staff shake their head...
    Take the Mscaler back... it sells within 2 hours...
    Everyone is finally happy
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  6. Mikey99
    About your drop-outs, are you using a Dave? In my case it turned out to be a Dave issue - apparently some units are very sensitive to synchronization between the BNC cables.
  7. Christer
    No Qutest.
    And I am far from sure that the culprit is the supplied BNC. It could also be, either Qutest, or very short power outages here in Thailand.
    I did not have any drop-out problems in Singapore or Malaysia.
    And here they are very rare.

    But since some M Scaler owners have recently mentioned having them I thought I'd mention that I have not been completely immune to such issues either.

    Cheers Controversial Christer
  8. Christer

    So we're finally back at Harrods again are we?
    I was beginning to doubt we'd ever get there again.

    Rest assured, between you and me strictly "confidentially",I am about as likely to sell my M Scaler as I am likely to stop listening to music.

    But if I go to London this summer for the Proms I'll make it a point to visit Harrods again.
    I haven't been there for some years.
    Nice old building as I remember it.
    But mainly girl and grockles' stuff for sale.
    Maybe we should meet up there and have a chat?
    The perfumes section was a nice place to go birdwatching.
    But seriously,do they even have a HI FI department?
    There used to be some really nice record shops in the little backstreet just behind Harrods though.
    I was even a bit tempted to buy Solti's DECCA Ring the complete box set on LPs last time I was there in 2007. It was on sale for 200 quid in mint condition.
    And yesterday I saw that the 24/44.1 download of the DECCA Ring was on sale at Qobuz for 40 quid.

    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  9. analogmusic
    Glad you have a sense of humour. Of course Harrods don’t sell Mscalers but it was to illustrate a point.

    Now.. suggest you read this........ it may help.. it is what I’ve been trying to tell you for many months with the Harrods jokes


    In the first instance, one typically hears a pleasing amount of extra bass emphasis with analog records; this adds warmth and greater "body" to a male vocalist, for example. Secondly, these turntables also add varying amounts of what could be called "sheen," "glow," or "bloom" to voices and instruments. It is only by reference to some additional arbitrating standard (a copy of the master tape) that we were able to tell that these admittedly euphonic characteristics are actually added by various turntable resonances. The analog/digital controversy therefore stems, we believe, from the conflict between trading certain euphonic colorations for greater transparency and detail. There will always be those audiophiles who consciously or unconsciously select equipment that compensates for what they dislike about many commercial recordings.

    By choosing a turntable/tonearm combination which specifically addresses arm/cartridge resonances and suppresses micro-vibrations at the stylus/groove interface, we gained a substantial increase in inner detailing and image focus compared to other analog playback systems. We lost a significant bass coloration (no measurable vertical arm/cartridge resonance) and virtually eliminated a false sense of "sheen." The resulting turntable sound approached the sonic characteristics of the CD and the prerecorded tape. In the case of the Thelma Houston recording, the sound of the AR was virtually identical to that of the CD. These results indicate that the extra bass and the "sheen" or "bloom" heard on other phono playback combinations derive not from the program material, but from the turntable. We strongly believe that the characteristic sound of analog playback equipment pronounced accurate by the digital detractors includes many euphonic colorations to which we have become accustomed. As improvements in analog playback equipment reduce these colorations, it is not surprising to see CD and analog sources approach each other sonically.

    Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content...w-science-edge-art-page-3#LRv8AeRzMe2Ik5IB.99
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  10. Tao8
    The furutech bncs that I used are their top of the line ones and they are not cheap unfortunately but furutech have a couple of different bncs I think.

    I had some Platinum Starlight cable so just needed to re-terminate for bnc. Otherwise I might have explored getting some neotech digital cables as they are the same people that supply the cable to wireworld.

    I’d also imagine Wireworld Silver Starlight RCA digital cables might also be worth trying andxare much more affordable than Platinum Starlight but once again think you’d have to get them reterminated.
  11. Tao8
    Hi ZappaZappa,
    I didn’t try any other cables as I fortunately already had some digital cables that then just needed reterminating but added some thoughts for Christer along the same line of thought as above. Sorry not more info but I do feel that it is worth pursuing given how substantial the improvement I was lucky enough to get.
  12. analogmusic
    After reading that stereophile article....(above)

    Man goes back to Harrods ... buys the Mscaler again... every is still happy... although Harrods staff are truly puzzled...

    And throws that old old turntable where it belongs.... in the skip for recycling ....
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  13. seeteeyou
    NCF connectors should be reserved for Crystal Cable Future Dream interconnects at the moment, I guess that you meant Furutech CF-BNC connectors with carbon fiber?

    BTW, fake Furutech connectors are easily found these days and we better know what we're actually getting.
  14. zappazappazappa
    Looking at your previous posts I see you are using the Wireworld Platinum Starlight cables. I'm glad you got a substantial improvement in SQ as they cost £850 each per half metre (Future Shop) in the UK, though it is possible to specify BNC fitted connectors at no additional cost! As and when I get an M-Scaler I would be looking for something which offers an audible upgrade on the freebie cables but at a substantially lower cost.
  15. Tao8
    Yes, apologies, writing late at night I added an n to the cf. I did get mine through an authorised dealer tho so all good and not sweating the fake furutech thing
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