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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Amberlamps
    Thats the price of the most expensive wave cables, the cheapest start at £495 if my memory serves me correct.

    The Storm version ( the most expensive version of wave cables ) is £1410. I’m not sure what that relates to in dollars, but thats the prices on his website.

    £495 - £1410
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  2. rkt31
    Anybody compared the stock pair of Bnc cables supplied with m scaler to other higher end RCA coaxial/bnc cables ? Is there any adaptor for using coaxial cable to bnc input ?
  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    For those looking for a cheaper portable DAP and playing high resolution files I would advise NOT to use the FiiO X5iii. It downsamples 24/192 through coaxial and USB output.
  4. dawktah2
    Any way to know if the FiiO M9 does the same thing?
  5. legend
    These questions may have been asked before - if so apologies beforehand but there are a lot of previous pages to read through!

    I recently listened to a colleague’s M-Scaler connected by dual BNC to my Chord Qutest DAC (using its ‘inclusive neutral’ filter). I heard useful improvements from the M-Scaler with x2 to x8 upsampling output from a Redbook CD but there seemed to be a ‘magic’ quantum-leap improvement at x16 upsampling from the M-Scaler.

    I thought this sudden ‘magic’ improvement at x16 may have been due to it obviating further upsampling in the Qutest but I am told by a digital engineer colleague that the Qutest even then has further 2nd & 3rd stages of upsampling for noise-shaping etc. However do these later upsampling occur a such a high rate/fine time detail that it does not cause significant errors in the M-Scaler’s output impulse response?

    therefore is the ‘magic’ improvement at x16 upscaling from the M-Scaler due solely to the Qutest itself upsampling the lower x2 to x 8 input rates to x16 with fewer taps than the M-Scaler so does not improve the sound as much? Whereas with the M-Scaler doing all the upsampling to x16 times it only occurs with 1M taps and this alone causes the ‘magic’ improvement?
  6. zappazappazappa
    I use RCA/BNC adaptor which was supplied with my coax cable by my dealer. There are lots of them listed on Amazon . . . other suppliers of such adaptors are available.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor
    I have no idea, I haven’t used the M9. I was quite happy with the first two versions of the X5 but the third is a fail regarding digital output in my books. Too bad as that’s exactly why I purchased it.
  8. dawktah2
    Sorry to hear that. After reading a myriad of pages on the M9 thread I'll keep the search going. Given how infrequently I will use this I can't justify spending too much. Not to mention I'm talking DAP into mSCaler and TT2 on an airplane and hotels (not all that quiet). An Astell & Kern would be a "leave the Chord stuff" at home.
  9. Boogie7910
    I did A/B comparisons going from PC to Mscaler with USB and Optical. Optical was the clear winner, and brought more life out of my Meze Empyreans which I felt the soundstage was distant and a bit boring on USB.

    So my question is where do I go from here. Do I invest in a quality optical cable and which one? I'm unable to stream 192khz content over optical it seems. Is there a workaround for that? I can only do 96khz.
  10. zappazappazappa
    I have tried the Questyle QP1R, which has optical out with adaptor allowing it's use as a transport, with both the TT and TT2. It sounds pretty damn good, if not quite as good, though not by a long way, to my Oppo UDP-205 universal disc player which I use as a transport. It appears to be on the point of being discontinued so you should be able to pick up a second hand or display model fairly cheaply though be aware, if you're not already, that the UI is quite poor compared to other DAP's.
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Ha! I use the AK240 as a source for the Mojo and Hugo2 with a short 90° Sysconcept optical cable. I don’t have a longer 3.5mm mini to TOSlink optical cable to use with the DAVE yet, but I’d use the AK240 without hesitation as a source for the DAVE when I get one.
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  12. Amberlamps

    I found it to be the exact opposite, USB was the clear winner.

    I dont know what device you are using to send an optical signal to the mscaler, but some devices will only do 96khz, creative sound cards for example.
  13. Deftone
    Yes, 500,000 Taps over optical if i remember correctly. Not possible to get 1M unless your feeding it to Chord DACS Hugo2 and upwards.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    Over coaxial.
  15. Deftone
    Thats the one cheers.
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