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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. delirium
    Hi! I had them the wrong way like tunes did!, does that apply lesser soundquality or is it yust that op sr dont work?
  2. tunes
    Perfect. Thanks. It does work. Seems to be that there is a slight change in the volume when switching to different sampling frequencies. Is this possible or my imagination?
  3. Uncle Monty
    You need to get some Wave Fidelity BNC cables now.
  4. naynay
    @Rob Watts

    Question regarding M Scaler auto standby mode.

    When you hit the stop button when playing music to M Scaler and then goes to standby mode with just the one remaining white light on, how is this activated by the USB 5volt?

    Thank you.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  5. tunes
    For $2,000 USD a power conditioner may make more of a difference.
  6. Rob Watts
    It only means the SR won't work in single data mode; and your channels would be the wrong way round!

    It's your imagination I am afraid, levels are the same.

    It just goes into standby/low power mode with a period of digital silence - and will come out of standby with the first sample of active data.
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  7. Christer
    Thanks for your advice.
    But I think CCA is definitely not for me being limited to 24/96 and also according to some opinions expressed elswhere it also has quite compromised SQ over other options.
    I want the same SQ or better than I already get via usb laptop on battery Qutest on battery and M Scaler with supplied PSU, not worse SQ
    So I am afraid CCA is off my list of options I would be interested in.
    I have not invested in an M scaler to have it compromised by a product like CCA.

    A small DAP that can/will be completely by-passed for everything else it contains audiowise dac/amp or whatever,except pushing my music to Qutest and M Scaler is what I would prefer also over Roon.
    Although I have heard Roon used via some very resolving systems with excellent results I already have two other quite good music player programs Audirvana + and Pure Music Player that work ok with my mbp's.

    I much prefer paying for a licence that keeps working without any time limits set or subscriptions as streaming systems /players now marketed try to lure unsuspecting customers into using.

    Even my old workhorse as a photographer, Photoshop, CCS,is now subscription based only .
    I hate the direction a lot of companies are going in that respect.
    I am still using Photoshop CS 5.
    It does all the things I need for my work.

    I strongly dislike to be forced into any such money milking as it really only benefits the producer/seller by milking users of their money long term like when teasing with insignificant upgrades to lure gullible consumers.

    Besides I don't stream my music except the occasional Youtube video, I play downloaded hi res masterfiles I have paid for once and for all ,and have safely backed up on several harddrives, and can play as many times as I want without having to renew any rip off subscription based things some of which already which are already in dire straits.

    But if anyone here could recommend a cheap DAP or CHEAP smartphone ,with a large SD card capacity I am all ears!

    After all doesn't Rob still basically claim that the two products I am using are more or less source independent?
    Shouldn't any DAP with a player and album list function and capabilty to play the current hi res formats on the market then sound identical to other similar DAP's both via usb and optical with M Scaler?
    Or would I have to count on similar very obvious SQ differences I could easily hear between my two cd players via optical into Qutest to apply with different DAPs as well used as transports?
    Those differences were not subtle.
    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  8. ZappaMan
    I thought the full version of photoshop cost several hundred pounds a few years ago
  9. Emmanuel Palmer
    Can the M scaler work with mytek brooklyn dac+?
  10. Christer
    Very OT but since you are asking and I used it as an example of subscription based business models , CS5 cost roughly 1000 € when I bought my licence.

    I can't exactly remember now what year that was ,but I would guess it has cost me less than 20 € annually since then and I am still using it!
    Besides the one time fee was tax deductable.
    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  11. Triode User
    You may have answered your own question. You say that despite using optical you could hear very obvious sound differences between your two cd players into Qutest. That seems to imply that for you at least just using an optical cable is not the universal leveler of sources. Cheap may not be cheerful as indeed you seem to accept by rejecting the optical out CCA.
  12. Christer
    I am not sure I read U correctly ?
    As I understood that case as Rob explained it last summer, the main culprit there would not be the optical connection as such, but rather related to the difference in transport quality between different cd players?
    But there we had both the spinning and laser pit reading of a physical product a CD, to take into account as well.
    But with digital file playing should not the premises be more equal between different sources once certain factors like interior dac and amp have been taken out of the equation?

    The question I am asking now is, are similar differences still to be expected between different smartphones and/or DAPs even when their internal audio functions have been by-passed?
    I just need something smaller and cheaper to send my files to M Scaler than my big mbp without lowering SQ.

    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  13. Macaron

    Now that the M Scaler is fully set in after more than 200 hours of music, I've compared on the USB input of the M Scaler my fanless Windows 10 (LPSU, SSD...) PC vs the Allo Usbridge (J28 jumper removed, dual ifi iPower powered).

    The result is (as it was on the bare Qutest), that the Allo Usbridge offers a far more musical, detailed, dynamic and holographic (etc) musical experience. I was hoping the M Scaler with all his galvanic isolation (usb, coax) to reduce this differences between USB streamers, unfortunately for my bank account, the differences are still there.

    I'm now deeply convinced that the quality of the stream is very important even with the M Scaler in the chain. With the PC directly connected to the M Scaler, the sound was boring, lifeless and quite flat. I'll never connect the PC to the audio system again !!!

    Now the big issue for me is to find the proper and best solution to offer the best quality of input stream to the M Scaler and I please need some help to achieve it.

    they are 3 available options : USB, optical or coax (I've no experience with coax streamer nor cables).

    I would have be pleased to keep the USB input but I realize it's may be not the best or it's the most expensive input to optimize to get the best out of it (Innuos, Aurender, SOTM trifecta...).

    At the shop where I demoed the M Scaler, they were using an Linn streamer (coax) to feed the M Scaler. I'm not sure it's the best choice but if a good coax streamer is less expensive to optimize than a usb connection, I'm ready to go this way.

    So a big question for all M Scaler user, which is for you the best streaming input (for those who compared) ?

    Which streaming solution would you recommend, ideally I'm looking for the best value for the money.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  14. AndrewH13
    Any DAP that has digital out, optical, coax or usb will bypass internal DAC and AMP. I have had very good results with AK SE100 and also cheaper Fiio X5 and iBasso DAPs into Chord DACs. Rob told me he considers battery operation from these DAPS (and his phone) equal to large expensive servers. Darko’s reviews of servers do not agree however!

    Beware Chromecast Audio at bitrates over Redbook CD. A great value for money unit, but a firmware update last year results in dropouts at higher rates, and no sign of correction, and with unit now withrawn by Google it may not be corrected.
  15. Uncle Monty
    It's to do with RF interference on the BNC cables - is expensive but does make a noticeable difference.
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