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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Uncle Monty
    I'm torn whether or not to get a 'box' server - using AK380 via optical right now and it sounds great - one thing that annoys me with a lot of servers / streamers is the need to control via apps on phones / tablets because I love the direct control though the AK's touchscreen. All I want is a screen for artwork, some buttons or a remote - don't want to need to get my phone out all the time...

    Also, every server / streamer on the market seems to have its own quirky functions - the only brand that comes with everything is Cocktail Audio (Novafidelity) X50D / Pro - no idea if this is any good.
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  2. Lgn3
    For all those who do not want to switch off their hi fi products completely as they will be damaged otherwise ( is this proven ?) or sound worse until warmed up (perhaps 10 mins spent waiting may not be too much a price to pay) please consider all the other items in homes which may also be in standby mode.and could be disconnected without much inconvenience..

    Approximately $19 billion worth of electricity, equal to the output of 50 large power plants, is devoured annually by U.S. household electronics, appliances, and other equipment when consumers are not actively using them, according to a groundbreaking study released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council. (Press release from NRDC 2015)

    Even if that was wrong by a factior of 10, scaled up globally that comes to a lot of CO2 and more to the point is largely unecessary..
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  3. ZappaMan
    Thanks rob, do I only need to be concerned about the network end point running on batteries ? If my music server is in the same room, is that potentially causing dirty electric or whatever to be shared by mscaler/tt2?

    That’s hopefully my last question on this !
  4. ZappaMan
  5. Whazzzup
    There are more servers that come with everything than just cocktail audio
  6. STR-1
    it is annoying how easily my AK380 (connected optically to M Scaler) still outperforms my Innuos Zenith SE/tX-USBultra setup. I use the AK380 when critically comparing cables. The only problem is that it is so inconvenient to use fulltime in my lounge-based main system, and there’s also shortening the life of the battery to consider.
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  7. Uncle Monty
    I've just started looking at servers / streamers in the past week having watched a couple of John Darko YT vids - my head is spinning with the number of products and solutions out there - everyone has obviously been jumping on this bandwagon - I mentioned Cocktail because the nearest hifi store to me is an agent for them (called Novafidelity in UK) and I'll probably buy (if I buy) from a local store in case of problems - can also get Wyred4Sound, Antipodes, Naim etc locally.

    I might just stick with my AK player but I'd be interested to hear what MS / TT2 users recommend and whether there will be much to gain over using a quality DAP.
  8. Whazzzup
    I get if one owned ak380 already and no need to add costly components but 380, sq preference aside it is a warm sounding oversampled delivery, is quite expensive. You are paying for lots of dual dac processing...specialty servers will focus on delivery. Comparisons can be made..I have no idea concerning mscaler. The scaler May neutralize input variance....
  9. Uncle Monty
    That's very interesting - I'm also getting concerned about my battery but it can always be replaced - online reviewers are comparing music servers to laptops and not DAPs.
  10. Whazzzup
    Just server talk here, but labtops are not specialty servers, they are elaborate daps. Imo
  11. Uncle Monty
    I'm really just looking for a server with no DAC function to feed the MS like a digital transport - using my 380 for this is just bypassing the DAC function - when I look at a big hifi sized box of tricks compared to the small AK player I think 'surely the big box must sound better'(!)
  12. onlychild
    The new AK daps are planned to get a firmware update with Roon support.

    AK has not mentioned if that Roon support means their daps will be battery powered Roon endpoints or battery powered Roon servers, my guess is most likely just an end point.

    I’ve been holding off on buying a server to hear more impressions on how they stack up against an AK dap used as a battery powered server. Now with STR-1’s post today, my IEMs are getting excited!
  13. Whazzzup
    while I agree the server/renderer/streamer field seems daunting. Not only in expense but in tech variance and supposed delivery. In my research most servers come with some sort of on board dac, it’s really just convenience and each company will spend time disclosing this or on technical competence of the dac. Antipodes as an example minimal expense, good luck finding a reference in literature, but they have one.
    I’ll end just with phone calls across Canada interviewing store owners on this subject but there are differences between brands in software ease, reliability, and sq preferences.
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  14. dawktah2
    I can only speak for my Synology NAS but into the TT2 I cannot perceive any noise from NAS itself. All tracks are less bright than all my previous equipment.
  15. jarnopp
    I don’t know if you are using or want to use Roon, but if you do, this Elac server (
    https://www.elac.com/product/elac-discovery-music-server/?r=us) comes with an included version of Roon called “Roon Essentials” which has most of the major functionality. It does not have DSP and has a 30,000 track limit, but you can connect A USB or other drive for local storage, stream Tidal, etc. very reasonably priced and I’ve been enjoying it for about 3 years. There is also an endpoint (Discovery Connect). Just released that I’m using to feed TT2 via optical. No RFI issues when going all wireless RAAT and optical. Sounds great. .
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