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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Amberlamps
    Are you serious ?

    I know that some folk have had a long wait, but I would advise you to keep your order in if you are in two minds, once heard, you will never want to go back to listening to music without the mscaler being in the loop.
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  2. Whazzzup
    Obviously most folks never ordered DHC cables, now thats what waiting is all about.
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  3. SuperBurrito
    So true!

    I ordered my HMS in August and did my best to forget about it. So when the call came, it was pretty exciting.

    The soundstage seems so big. With Focal Utopias it seems like I have turned off the crossfeed even though I have it on 2 or 3.

    I did some quick listening to some HD content...pretty mixed bag and I wouldn't pay more for HD unless I was sure of the provenance. Would much rather get CDs and spend the money upgrading the rest of my system.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  4. GreenLeo
    Given your impression, it would be worthwhile to try hms-dave combo and/or with a better streamer. However, this combo is no good for travellers. The streamer may not be that portable.
  5. maxh22
    Did you still find a somewhat flat soundstage and a metallic hardness with Dave alone? Or is it really only in comparison because I would have thought Dave does quite well with orchestra music
  6. dawktah2
    I'm some time off (summer 2019) but cannot wait to hear it. Listening to some early 1960's Quincy Jones now and just hearing what people say...this is patiently waiting.
  7. ZappaMan

    Better git it in your soul sounds great. recorded 1959 too, so maybe good source material for mscaler. the trumpets and saxaphones are flying past each other in organised chaos with a few guys making jazz noises in the background. think i'm starting to appreciate timbre better. the sound stage is amazing. sounds stupid to say it, but ummm, when the drummer does his little solo, the sound stage feedback, its like you're in the drummers seat. great altogether.

    listened to it again on qobuz, downloaded as offline album, switched off wifi etc on laptop and connected to mscaler via usb. felt slightly less vivid then via roon, but then i had the drummer experience!
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  8. analogmusic
    [QUOTE="Christer, post: 14642151, member: 439374"

    Provided I can get international warranty here I will most probably get an M Scaler when black ones are available.
    My money will go to the dealer who can give me the best price.
    Cheers Controversial Christer[/QUOTE]

    ... enjoyed reading your comments.

    With electronic products it’s best to buy and support your local dealer.

    I paid little extra and bought my iPhone from my apple store. It’s worth it if I ever need support which invariably with iPhones battery replacement is required
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  9. Christer

    Hmm, musickid the first time you mentioned Menuhin I thought you were talking about Yehudi Menuhin the famous violinist.

    I bought an LP with Menuhin playing two of Mozart's Violin Concertos at a thrift shop this past summer for 1 Pound and it was absolutely wonderful. Supremely musical interpretation and a natural very realistic violin tone and timbre from an LP from the 70s that few digital versions come even close to imho.

    Regarding your M Scaler it seems you are once again doubting what you hear via M Scaler?

    One day you praise it and the next you seem worried that it may not be fully working to your expectations.
    You still seem to be "all over the place" in your comments.
    In theory your latest leap of imagination would save many of us a LOT of money.
    In a way I really wish you were right .But unfortunately I can quite firmly assure you it is all in your imagination!
    Cheers Controversial Christer
  10. Christer
    ... enjoyed reading your comments.

    With electronic products it’s best to buy and support your local dealer.

    I paid little extra and bought my iPhone from my apple store. It’s worth it if I ever need support which invariably with iPhones battery replacement is required[/QUOTE]

    Hello analogmusic, As often before,you make some valid points again.
    And they apply for you.
    But when talking both Chord products and Apple for that matter, the savings to be made by buying in Asia can be quite considerable compared to supporting your local dealer.
    And unlike you, I spend as much time if not more here, than in Europe every year.

    Especially with Apple products like my mbp battery changes and chargers and memory upgrading and SSD hardrives that Apple charges ridiculous sums for at their service stations in Europe can be done much much cheaper here in Asia than in Europe.

    Last winter I serviced my oldish mbp in Singapore for less than half of what it would have cost me in Europe.
    The charger for my mbp which they sell for 70-80 € in Europe cost me 25€ here.
    And with the latest new iPhones it seems battery change will cost about half of the actual price of the phone according to some rumours I have heard.Apple sure knows how to overcharge for their products!
    My two Chord products so far, HUGO and Quetest have not needed any servicing.
    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  11. Christer
    Hello Jan Tage,
    I am also a bit to my surprise beginning to enjoy some 16/44.1 tracks via Mscaling. But If you listen to really well recorded large scale symphonic classical the hi res vesion is rarely wasted money provided it comes from a native hi res master.

    On the other hand hi res format only is no guarantee of a good recording.

    But with everything else equal there is definitely an audible difference between 16/44.1 and hi res even with both Mscaled.

    At least with the admittedly few 16/44.1 rips I have and also the rbcds I have heard via BLU2 and compared to the native masters.
    One test track would for example be to buy say Rachmaninov's 1 st Symphony played by the SSO in Singapore from BIS both in its native 24/96 format and the 16 bit version at e.classical.com
    Play both via M Scaler and hear if you notice any differences between them via your system.

    And for a good example of 24/192 against 16/44.1 Acousence's recording of Shostakovich's 15th Symphony is imho an example of hi res done right.
    And even things from the majors like DGG can be quite revealing if you again choose the Shostakovich symphonies series from Boston.

    Not a fair comparison maybe but much as I now like the 16/44.1 DGG Debussy La Mer with Karajan and his BPO musically and Mscaled its shortcomings being an early 80s digital recording become quite obvious if you compare it to Chandos's more recent 24/96 recording with Christian Deneuve also Mscaled.
    The more familiar one is with how acoustic instruments really sound live the more obvious the difference between 16/44.1 and hi res becomes imho.
    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  12. simorag
    DAVE does great with orchestra, and the combination with the Abyss Phi headphones is truly remarkable with this genre, especially with good recordings.

    I believe that the shortcomings I was mentioning about that particular DGG CD from the 80s are due to the recording itself (a lot of DGG CDs I have ripped sound not so great, actually, but I still listen to them very often because the artistic content is so good), but with the HMS in the chain I have been able to enjoy it as never before.

    I had a similar experience today, listening to I Loves You Porgy from Nina Simone (a less than ideal late 50s recording), where the M Scaler provided an additional layer of expressiveness and presence to Nina vocals that, while I can still notice that the recording is not great if I think about it, just grabs me more emotionally into the music.

    I am aware that the M Scaler cannot fix bad recordings, especially given I am not referring to euphonic colorations, rather to naturalistic / accuracy improvements, so probably even recordings I rate as bad ones still had some hidden good things to be extracted, and the HMS is able to bring them to light?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  13. aldavey
    Absolutely agree re. most so called high res files being just a way for recording companies to generate income. If you can’t know the provenance buyer beware.
  14. Christer
    That may very well be the case with the Pop and Rock genres.
    But it is absolutely not the case with classical music. No company I am familiar with has recorded in anything less than 24/44.1 or 48, for years.
    Even the budget label Naxos has been doing 24/96 regularly for a long time.
    And since they often use fewer mics than "the Biggies" their recordings like for example their Bartok with Joe Anne Falletta/Buffalo Orchestra are good ,and sometimes even better than most major companies more multimic'd ones for that reason.
    And the majority of big classical labels and most smaller labels already record in native 24/96 pcm at least since quite a few years.

    Cheers Controversial Christer
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  15. aldavey
    Then you can purchase with confidence. I was referencing major labels re-issuing either analogue or recordings originally mastered at 16/44 as ‘High Res’ merely because they have been re-released in a 24/96 or higher file.
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