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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. maxh22
    I agree with you the title is really insulting but after reading his review several times I believe he's just stating his honest truth, he really wanted to like the product but for many reasons, it just wasn't his sound preference. I sensed an overall frustration in his experience, especially since he said he had a lot of preconceived beliefs and excitement prior to actually receiving one. And after he received H2 his feelings shifted toward the opposite spectrum even though he wanted it to sound good.
  2. dawktah2
    I thought I read somewhere that USB-C had a hack vulnerability or was that not true?
  3. Amberlamps
    It was months ago that I read it, and now I can’t remember most of it. But the title did stand out, that alone could of caused prospective buyers from buying one. This is something reviewers have to keep in mind, a review thats done in anger, frustration or whatever, it can influence alot of people, dependent on what site the review came from.

    I will have a re-read later today to refresh my sticks of ddr 5 ram.
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  4. Amberlamps
    I remember something regarding that also, but if I recall it had to be done locally, and with changes to the usb devices hardware, aka not a real security risk. Again, don’t quote me as it being 100%, as I read about it a while ago.

    Hugo 2 was released last year, if you ask me, it shipping with micro usb is fine, maybe if it was being released now or next year, it would of been a good idea to use usb c. However, how many people have more than 1 usb c capable device ? I doubt that many do, if they have it will be for an android phone.

    I have had USB capable motherboards for atleast 3-4 years, but I dont have a device that I can plug into them. Until everything starts dumping usb 1- 3.1 usb c will always play second fiddle to them.
  5. thePhones
    Have you tested it? Because the 2nd does not work with the Hugo 2. The Note8 comes with a male USB-c to female USB-A adapter and it does connect to drives and other phones that way but not to the Hugo 2 with it's male USB A to USB micro b. I had to order a special cable from china that was direct USB-C to micro b.
  6. Amberlamps
    I have not tested it, I don’t have any devices apart from motherboards that use USB C, I was merely suggesting what it would take to connect a USB cable to Hugo 2.

    If I recall, there was similar problems with android users a few years back with mojo, it needed to be a usb OTG cable, on the go cable that allowed music to be heard.

    The 1st option I listed, it would be the best solution, the adapter way, thats what it would look like in theory, but in practise, as you’ve seen, it may or may not work. To be honest, you are better off spending a little more cash to get a single cable that fits both devices, infact, if when it arrives, if it works, buy another one or two, as you may have a hard problem finding those cables again.

    Thats how I roll, if I need a cable, a very specific cable, usually I buy a few as spares.
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  7. dawktah2
    Samsung needs OTG cable. If I'm wrong it is a real benefit to have in armamentarium any way.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  8. Mikey99
    I am testing an M-Scaler with my Chord Dave and am getting a lot of drop outs - at times several a minute. I am running 44.1 kHz ALAC files from my iMac using Roon. The same issue occurs with iTunes. It only occurs in dual BNC mode at 705.6 kHz, it goes away in all other modes. Have others experienced this? Any ideas on why this is occurring?
  9. oscarnr
    Try the other pair of BNC plugs in the DAVE
  10. Mikey99
    Thanks, that worked! Strange issue, I wonder if it is a problem with the DAVE.
  11. STR-1
    This issue has been reported several times since the Blu 2 came out last year. I had it when I borrowed a Blu 2 - dropouts on one pair of inputs, ok on the other pair - but no problem when I bought my own Blu 2. My M Scaler is working just fine with both pairs of DAVE inputs.

    Rob Watts offered this explanation https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cho...-official-thread.831343/page-85#post-13682030
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  12. Mikey99
    Good to have an explanation, thanks for that.
  13. yellowblue
    I know this is a sensitive question - but may I ask if someone tried his M Scaler with an alternative power supply. You can also send me a PM :slight_smile:
    spotforscott likes this.
  14. oscarnr
    You're welcome! I had the same problem when I received my Blu2in May last year. On one pair of BNCs it has dropouts every minute or so. I changed to the others and problem solved. Enjoy it
  15. spotforscott
    Would like to know this too...
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