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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. n00b2
    There's nothing huge about the Parrot Zik. An interesting design no doubt that will draw atention but the headphones themselves are actually quite small. Rather uncomfortable for people with big ears and heads and not even close to the size of the Def Tech.
  2. jDally987
    You know what FeedYourHead, I think you may actually be right. So I went out to Best Buy on Friday, seeing that they had the Backbeat Pro in stock and hoping to test it out. What I didn't think about was that they wouldn't actually have it on display. I also didn't consider their very forgiving 15-day return policy. So I bought them ($250) just to try em out for a few days, with the intention of returning them either way, and if I liked them, I'll sit on ebay waiting for a deal, since the prices regularly go as low as ~$180 on there as well as Amazon.
    Now like I said, I'm not exactly a long-time resident of the inner sanctum of audiophile city, more like I just started renting a townhouse in one of the middle-class suburbs on the outskirts of the area. But I gotta say, I do see exactly what everyone means now when they talk about the Plantronics' sound profile and quirks. The first thing that struck me was the highs, they are indeed REALLY pronounced, I'd probably agree with some of the people that go so far as to use the word "harsh". Sounds like my solid-state guitar amp when I switch it to the 6505 tube amp, crank the highs and lows to the max and then break the mids knob as I turn it so low as to obliterate any trace of them.
    Despite that though my second impression was that the bass doesn't quite deliver to the extent I thought it would, considering all the praises that it's up there with the more bassy BT headphones. So yeah...in that sense FYH you were dead on. I mean it's definitely not bad at all - Skrillex and other newer wub-wub-wub sub-bassy tracks all do thump, to some degree, but I guess I was looking for the music to really *move* me, and it just, quite, doesn't, do that!
    Other than that, wired and APTX bluetooth sound great overall. It's interesting to note the difference between APTX and no APTX - it's palpable on my rooted android phone (where I used the terminal to manually set APTX on or off), and I don't think my Lenovo ultrabook has APTX at all - wired seems to deliver MUCH more smooth and pronounced mids than when it's on bluetooth. Anyway... I guess to get even better sound, I'll have to shell out some more cash after all. And everyone pretty much universally seems to love the ATH-WS99BT sound, so I'm starting to turn my gaze towards those. I think I'll wait around and see if I can snag a real deal on those... around $200 and I'd be sold. If not, and a steal for the BBP comes around, I might just jump on that.
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  3. FeedYourHead
    IDK, looks kinda goofy to me [​IMG] Dude looks like Frankenstein.
    It's not really the size of the earcups, but rather the thickness. Other than that, I do quite like the design, very elegant. The rose gold ones are quite sexy.
  4. mmille24
    Received the Sennheiser Momentum M2AEBT today. Like many have already experienced, I'm getting static and dropout fairly regularly. I wish this didn't happen as they are otherwise pretty perfect. Light, fit well, look great, excellent build quality, ANC works very well, and amazing sound. Really too bad. Back they go.
  5. silverfire
    Was starting to get sold on these, but this is sort of a concern. How bothersome were the cups for you?
  6. n00b2
    Haha yes it seems you need a certain type of head to pull off the look with the Zik. There were some pics earlier in the thread where it looked really stylish on the models. I think they were the ones Parrot used in their marketing.
  7. sabesh
    I love my Parrot Zik 2.0. Tried out the B&O H8, Beats Studio Wireless and Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless and ended up choosing the Zik 2.0. I take transit and walk a lot, and the Zik 2.0's street mode is great for that. ANC at Max is pretty good and sound quality is excellent (adjustable via a myriad of options in the app). Touch controls work well. Firmware updates are so easy via BT. The cans are VERY comfortable to wear for long periods. Looks great too! There's even a 3rd party app for Windows (costs just a couple of bucks). It's just such a fun pair of headphones! 
    Not for the large headed - My medium sized noggin required an almost full stretch of the headband. Will be a tight fit with a toque/hat on.
    Battery life is short (I get about 6.5 hours)
    The presence sensor doesn't work properly (doesn't turn off always when I remove the Zik 2.0's off my head). However, this feature can be turned off via the app.
  8. anoxy
    Eh, you could probably tolerate them. I've just never been a fan of on-ear headphones, and the ATH-WS99 are on the low end of quality on-ear design. Not to mention all that plastic...egh
    I also tried a couple pairs of Parrot Zik today and thought they sounded really sub-par. Almost artificial, a bit tinny and bass shallow, and harsh highs; definitely did not like, though the design and comfort is great.
    Out of all the BT cans I tried, the Fidelio M2BT were my favorite in terms of sound; it's just a shame they're on-ear and generally uncomfortable for my ears.
    The AKG-K845BT were a close second in sound, but comfort was leaps and bounds above the M2BT. And that Austrian construction and design is on point. 
  9. sabesh
    Did you install the app and tweak the settings? I've set up one of the app's presets for deep, punchy bass.
  10. mmille24
    I wish the AKG had ANC.
  11. silverfire
    I typically wear glasses which exacerbates things a bit. I'm going to have to give the AKG a try. Thanks.
  12. anoxy
    I don't. I hate ANC. Have you tried the Denon BT? Equal comfort and good design, maybe a little similar sound...that Denon signature sub bass, but with ANC.
    Haha no. I'm not going to fork out that much on headphones if I have to install an app and tweak settings. 
  13. sabesh
    Why even try the Zik 2.0's then? The whole premise of the Zik is customization. 
    Rather than spending days/months looking for a pair of cans that sound closest to what you want, spend a couple of minutes tuning the Ziks to sound exactly as how you want. If I want serious audiophile sound quality, I wouldn't be looking in this price range anyways. You'll need to fork out more. Here's a Zik review that details all it's features:
    Good luck with your search! Cheers.
  14. ruthieandjohn
    Here is why giogio is a prescient genius with starting this thread, and why we are all mini-geniuses to participate.
    Wireless Headphones Are The Next Big Mass Entertainment Thing (says today's New York Times):
    People dance in apparent silence to disco, while in fact each wearing BT headphones tuned to a choice of several DJs.  DJs compete to get the biggest share of dancers.
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  15. Martynet

    OK, so I receiced the ear cushions for my new ATH-WS99BT you recommended to me and they fit perfectly. It's a big difference. No more sore ears after long period of time. Headphones are a bit bigger of course but comfort and great sound is the most important to me. I also ordered another pair of cushions today from ebay called Genuine SHURE HPAEC840 Ear pads. Have to try them all :)
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