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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. n00b2

    Yes its signature is pretty close to the standard neutral AKG signature. Lots of people seem to find its bass lacking but I felt it was fine if you are after a neutral type signature. The lack of aptx didn't really make that much of a difference when I tried it. It still sounded better than pretty much everything I had tested up til that stage even though it only had standard bluetooth. The lack of playback controls was more annoying personally.
  2. urbanshocks
    I like Fidelios too, they seem to provide the most balanced sound quality, price and design in one pack.
  3. Giogio
    I agree that the absence of Aptx was not a big deal, they surely sounded very detailed and clear.
    I am confused, you said that you like rather warm than cold, and you chose the one which sounds rather cold than warm.
    To me, the ATH sound more detailed, clean and clear, with better soundstage and it is much more versatile, being able to be boosted or deboosted with EQ in a way that the AKG cannot even dream about.
    You can make the ATH colder with some subtractive eq, but you never get the AKG warmer. You can increase and decrease bass on the ATH as much as you want, but I have tried to boost the bass of the AKG and there was no response at all. You like it out of the box or bye bye, and if you happen to need more bass, you need another headphone.
    I cannot name one single reason to prefer the AKG if not if you never use EQ and never want to use EQ no matter what, and you want a cold signature.
    Because as said, the ATH do not boost the bass. They just respond to it very well when needed (a bit like what n00b2 say of the AKG; but LOT better).
    The beautiful would be if you can get both and compare yourself :wink:
    welcome to the thread!
    Do you mean the fidelio m2bt or m1bt?
    which other bt headphones did you try?
    can i know how much did you pay and where?
    Pity. Here in Germany you can send something as letter if the dimensions are more or less 50x30x20, I do not remember, but surely more than enough for headphones (I did it). And it can be till 1 kg for sure, maybe more.
    I do not find this possibility on the Australian DHL site, but you can try to contact them.
    On the Australian post site I see that there a letter cannot weight more than 500gr. So, game over.
    The cheapest parcel with tracking is 58ausd. Too much.
    ja means yes in German.
    But you are perfectly right. jajaja (as they would write it) is the laugh in spanish.
    We must listen to really different kind of music and have really different tastes in matter of bass.
    It is exactly on bass heavy things which for me the AKG are a complete disaster. Listen to Techno or dubstep with them iss like reading a recipy when you are hungry. You do not get satisfied. For me, I was hearing almost no bass on normal music, and just a bit bass on bass heavy music. For me this is not enough, I need a bit of bass on normal music and a lot of bass on bass heavy music.
    Let's try this, how would you compare the bass of the AKG with the one of the UE, with and without EQ?
    I could not compare the AKG with the ATH side to side, so I cannot say which one have more bass out of the box. I can only say that I would be extremely surprised if anybody would be able to find the ATH boosted out of the box. And similarly surprised if anybody would not find them the best bassy BT Headphone on the market in this moment, when using them with serious bass heavy music, and especially when boosting them with EQ.
    So, this is for me a winner, something which can do more and better.
    The ATh can doo all what the AKG do and better.
    The AKG do less and worse or same way.
    The difference for me is just for people who do not use EQ and are limited in their choices by what sounds out of the box as they want.
  4. Giogio
    Do you two guys have any kind of problem if i link your well explanatory posts in the opening post of this thread?
  5. n00b2
    Fine with me.
  6. n00b2
    Yes the post is just one example of the way we get ripped off here. The Momentum Wireless for example is $800 here and our dollar has dropped but no where near that bad against the $US. Letter have a limit on thickness as well not just weight. I was trying to send a medium sized book as a letter once (around 250 pages) and even though it fit it the Aus Post letter envelope, they wouldn't send it as one because it was too thick. Had to send it as a parcel which cost 3 times as much.
    Yes our music tastes are clearly very different especially in the bass. You look for bass and try to find it. I don't look for it, I just naturally notice it if it is completely missing (in ones like the AKG and Def Tech w/o ANC it's not missing, its just there in a way so you won't notice it until it is completely gone). As for the AKG vs UE9000, I didn't like the UE9000 active mode. It was way too v shaped and there was too much bass in it. Can't remember passive mode that well but I seem to recall it was quite balanced and I quite liked the sound, just that the level of detail, soundstage, etc were not as good as the AKG.
  7. Giogio
    Guys, I have just noticed, we are the seventh result in Google. If you type "Bluetooth Headphones Comparison", we are seventh after big names.
    You too, @n00b2, your thread is seventh when searching for "high end bluetooth headphones".
    Congratulation! To everybody! This is a collective result. I have started this thread, n00b2 the other one, but it is the community, with its support and partecipation, and passion, which brought us here.
    I can compare Headphones, but, nothing compares to you!

  8. ruthieandjohn
    WOW!  Hope that encourages Parrot Zik to provide @giogio with an evaluation copy of a Parrot Zik 2.0!
  9. Giogio
    She said yes, and gave my contact to their German PR section.
    But she also informed me to be patient, because their priority are bloggers and youtubers.
    It made me laugh, thinking to how ridiculous and/or superficial most of the reviews on youtubeand on the blogs are.
    But I understand them. Even if what we do here is of a much higer level of quality and of passion (and I think that customers looking for high quality products wants high quality info, and are more likely to come in places like Head-Fi), people want also the kind of visive simplicity that a video or a blog with pictures can give.
    I have no time now, but in few months I will be able to open a blog, eventually.
    But in the while, let's keep rocking!
    And you John, will we celebrate here your Supreme Recognition soon?
  10. ruthieandjohn
    FABULOUS that Zik is sending you some, even if there are many in line ahead of you.

    Yes indeed we will celebrate my new found State of Enlightenment as a Headphoneus Supremus, only about 220 posts away. As my former avatar stated, "Posting Makes You Smarter!"  THEN maybe people will listen to me and manufacturers will send me free headphones in the mail!!!! (fat chance, for either!!  [​IMG])
  11. Giogio
    I think you described it well, yes, I "look for it".
    Another way to see at it is that I like to have more bass there, and so to me bass feels like missing when for you is ok, and I find it ok when for you is too much.
    But even so, I am not like your boomy friends, I still like quality bass. I just want more quantity than you. And I too do not like too much bass all the time. And for example I did not like the boost of the BeoPlay H8 (specially with cable) on folk music.
    Can you define active and passive in your terminology? Considering that some headphones have 3 modes (Bt, wired amped alias wired active, and wired passive) like the Stance, and that in addiction there is the ANC to change the sound, I am not sure what you call active and passive on the UE9000.
  12. n00b2

    Active is wireless with ANC on. Passive was wired with ANC off. Completely different sound signature in both modes. I didn't listen to passive much other than for comparison as I wasn't looking for a wired pair.
  13. bbuford
    First of all, thanks for all the wonderful info in this thread. I have a bit of a unique request, but if anyone can chime in, I'd love feedback. I use Fidelio X2s with a Fulla Schiit for my reference listening, and Shure SE530s when traveling. I'm tired of getting tangled up in cords at my desk (which is tiny), and I have problems with regular (in-ear) Bluetooth headsets (they tend to fall out of my ear after a while, no matter the size; or cause discomfort - and I've tried almost all of them).
    So, I'm looking for that perfect bowl of porridge (which, admittedly, may not exist) - Bluetooth headphones that sound good (doesn't have to be phenomenal; the X2s are my "critical listening" cans), are *incredibly* comfortable for long-term listening, *and* have good sound for phone calls. I talk on the phone or on Skype for hours every day, so comfort and passable call quality are, in the end, probably more important than music quality, but I don't want them to sound like crap. Noise cancellation is a bonus but not if it ruins the sound. They need to be reliable enough not to cause problems in business calls.
    Current contenders are the Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Wireless, Fidelio M2BT, Bose SoundLink, Jabra Revo, and Plantronics Backbeat Pro.
    I have a huge head, so excessive clamping force is a *big* problem for me, as are big, hot leather/vinyl earpads (it's hot here in Texas most of the year). I'm leaning toward on-ears since the X2s have me covered for big over-ear sound. Budget is not an issue.
    If anyone has thoughts on the best headset for this purpose, I'd love to hear it. Thanks so much!
  14. Deckardk
    ^ I think you'll fit right in. Everyone on this site has a big head.

    Based on the products you own, SQ will be important. Forget the Jabra, imo.

    I'd say the Zik 2, M2 Wireless, or Definitive Tech's Symphony. Try each, then go with the one that doesn't hurt to wear. Everyone's head is different so you just have to try them.
  15. WDitters
    Finally got my Momentum Wireless in, and at first take the Plantronics Backbeat Pro still give them a good run for their money ... Considering the fact that SQ is not too far apart and the 200 euro price difference, I could very well be happy with sticking with the Backbeat Pro. Earsize however could ultimately become more decisive at this point though. My ears are big, I remember the Parrot Zik 1.0 being too small, and the Backbeat Pro definitely are at the edge of being uncomfortable. The Momentum Wireless however are a perfect fit.
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