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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Lakerfreak
    I have a B&W PX and a M&D MW65. The PX is better constructed and more durable (The MW65 is also well made, but the aluminum casing seems to be prone to scratches and nicks). Both sound very balanced, but I personally prefer the sound of the MW65 due to clearer highs. People seem to say ANC is the part where both headphones are lacking, but personally I found their ANC to be sufficient.
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  2. Lakerfreak
    Any thought on Dali's ANC headphones (IO-6)? Has anyone tried it out yet?
  3. e-h
    Has anyone with Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC got issues with electrical buzzing? I've got a set that produces a electrical buzzing noise in the left earcup when tilting my head forward or to the side. Is this a common feature of the sensors in the Lagoon or a bug on my set only?
    It seems to behave differently on AAC, from my phone, and aptX from my computer. When connected to my phone, the buzzing is not present using ANC on 1 or 2, but on aptX the buzzing is present even with ANC on.
  4. Bio-Rhythm

    Are there any Wireless headphones that have a similar sound signature to the DT 770 Pro's?. i.e. comparably neutral so they reproduce the original music comparably accurately as most music is produced/mastered using the standard "monitor" sound signature using both monitor speakers and or headphones.

    Also headphones that are not made from dead animal parts. e.g., Lamb skin ear pads etc as I for one prefer my sound cruelty free.
  5. WDitters
    I have completely fallen in love with the Dali IO-6 ... After having spent most of my mobile life with Bose (QC15, QC20, QC25, QC35), B&W (P7W, PX), Sennheiser (HD1) and Sony (XM2, XM3) .. and after having just returned the PX7 (after 200h of proper burn-in) I stumbled upon these ... I was blown away by the degree of musicality of these cans, as well as their slightly more refined presentation. They're more neutral, do not have a pronounced v-shape, nor do they have excessively boomy or muddy bass. Their soundstage is by no means the best in the market, but then again I am spoiled with my regular home setup (MrSpeakers CX + iFi Micro iDSD BL) ... Yet I am completely happy listening to these babies for hours at a time. Something that no other wireless (ANC) cans have accomplished so far ... (Oh and no, switching on ANC actually only has an ever so slight effect on SQ, almost negligible ... If only B&W's PX would have had that :)

    The only thing left for me to experience with the Dali is their actual ANC performance during flights. I rarely commute using PT, and I prefer using my Jabra Elite 75 for telcos. But I do often fly internationally, both short commute and long haul ... So a solid performance in that area would be the icing on the cake ..
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  6. Bio-Rhythm

    The Dali IO-6 certainly have the relevant spec.

    Full Range Driver 50 mm free edge paper fibre cone
    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 10 - 20,000
    Maximum SPL [dB] 100
    Connection Input Bluetooth™ 5.0

    And apparently they been designed for authentic reproduction of the music.

    To Quote "The IO's large class-leading custom 50 mm paper fibre driver creates the most natural, transparent and authentic DALI sound - with low distortion and colouration - while reproducing music exactly as the artist intended."

    and "The pads are covered in soft synthetic leather" :k701smile:
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  7. WDitters
    Just caught myself tapping my feet like possessed / grinning like a madman after a trip through the DALI IO Tidal playlist ... I had the IO-6 hooked up to my iFi Micro iDSD BL and that definitely brings the IO-6 to another level completely ... The IO-6 have much more potential than even a high-quality wireless codec like APTX-HD can bring out .. Connecting the DALI IO-6 via USB indeed goes a long way with the built-in DAC, but even then it's no match for a true dedicated headamp

    I don't think I have ever fallen so hard for a pair of wireless cans as for the DALI IO-6 ..
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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  8. Bio-Rhythm
    Of course the consumer industry has been bringing out headphones for many years that are magically better than their last magically better model. At least in the context of the more recent advancements in wireless technology it's not marketing spin but a real quantitative improvement so can be measured. You wouldn't happen to have any reference monitor headphones to compare the DALI IO-6 against would you?.
  9. WDitters
    I can only compare the IO-6 to my own Ether C Flow 1.1 ... Not sure if one would qualify those as Reference Monitor Heapdhones, but I love the Ethers to death.
    I only have my ears to go by .. And what they tell me is that of course the IO-6 are no match for them. The Ethers have a much much wider soundstage, much greater clarity and control, much more presence.... The Ether C Flow are true audiophile cans, whereas the IO-6, as great as they may be, would not really qualify as audiophile ...

    But comparing apples to apples, comparing the IO-6 to all to other wireless (NAC/non-ANC) cans I have had (Bose QC20/25/35, Bowers PX/P7W/PX7, Sennheiser Momentum HD1, Philips Fidelio MBT2 and Sony XM2/XM3) ... Even though of course I fully realize it always is a matter of taste, for me the IO-6 really stand-out, head and shoulders, above the rest ...
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  10. Grayson73
    What are the popular recommendations for closed bluetooth over-the-air heaphones for around $50? I see that Plantronics Backbeat Pro (#5 on the original post) is $44 renewed on Amazon.
  11. BadReligionPunk
    Backbeat pro is dope AF. Its ugly and bulky imo, but has a great sound and some nice bells and whistles. I still use it daily for my PS4.
  12. Blueshound24
    I apologize I, do not want to read this whole thread but I would just want to ask for a quick and dirty recommendation.

    I want to get a super comfortable, light weight, cheap on-ear bluetooth headphone for my wife who mostly listens to audio books but some music as well. She has been using the Koss KSC75 that I modded with the Parts Express headband which is super lightweight and very comfortable that she prefers, and it is important for her to be able to hear her surroundings, thus the on-ear, open design preference. She is not real concerned about audiophile sound so I would like it to be probably under $50, but yet acceptable sound, durable, dependable and comfortable. Maybe something similar in sound quality and comfort to the KSC75 with Parts Express headband that she has been using which is awesome for the price.

    TIA from my wife and I for any recommendations. :beerchug:
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  13. iampivot
    Did you look at the new Koss portapro bluetooth? Also, if she really never listens to music, then the sennheiser mb pro series is very good for spoken sound. They just don't have any base or high ends, since they are for phone use mostly.
  14. Blueshound24
    Thanks, but that Koss is $80, and I would prefer it to be under $50. And she does listen to music as well as audiobooks.

    Her preferences:

    super comfortable
    light weight
    on-ear bluetooth headphone
    important to be able to hear surroundings
    open design preference
    probably under $50
    listens to audio books and some music
  15. billbishere

    I think these would fit that. JBL's have a decent sound for $50 bluetooth on ears.

    Skull Candy even cheaper. I think I would go JBL tho.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
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