HR Micro Amp, Cute Beyond, Pico?
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Jun 11, 2009
I've searched and read numerous reviews on the forum and I have narrowed down my options to three products:

HR Micro Amp
Cute Beyond
Headamp Pico Portable

Now I know and believe that desktop amps will out perform portables. However while I am concerned with sound quality ( I have AKG K601s on order ) I also need portablity but not in the common way. I need to use my headphones with my Quad based stereo, my Yamaha Professional Keyboard when playing late at night. So a device that's easy to move around and set up is important. That's why I am considering the smaller desktop units. However the HR does have a power brick to consider moving around as well.

I know all three of these units offer very good SQ. I do really like the size and portability of the Pico. So my question is what SQ will I sacrifice with the Pico compared to these desktops?
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How large is the power suppy brick for the micro? Is it bigger than the am?

How would you describe the overall SQ of the micro?

Totally Neutral?
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The power brick is rather large, (yes its bigger than the amp, at least twice as big) but also good sounding given its nature. Like any audiophile headfier, I always have a case of wanting to upgrade, except when I listen to my Micro stack. Is it the best and last word, no, but for 333$ its great. When I listen to this amp and DAC combo, I am lacking any sense of need to improve my amp. The ability of this amp to pull me out of this world and into its is simply breathtaking.
What does it sound like? Forward, no. Laid-back, yes a little. Bright, no. Warm, havent noticed. When I listen, I find it to be detailed in a non-clinical sense with good extension all around. Simply hard to turn off late at night. Dynamics are engaging and huge.
As far as portability goes it does take a second to unplug and move, then replug and all that. But that takes all of what, 20 seconds. I sometimes move my system downstairs to the living room where I have good views of the countryside and that includes moving my Desktop Power Supply. It takes a second or two but completly worth the effort. Great little amp!

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