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HP's for Bald Guys

  1. JoeDoe
    As much as the look of the phones on my dome should take a back seat to the sound quality, not having luscious locks of hair to fill the space between the cups/headband and my head makes me look like an alien when I leave my house. 
    Any suggestions for a set of midrange on- or over-ears that have a low profile. Right now I'm rockin' my Porta Pros (and plenty satisfied), but I'd like to open this one up to the experts. I'm sure there are other men in my situation right?
  2. MrViolin
    You'd really look like an alien with the hd800's [​IMG]
    But I don't think baldness would really affect looks that much.I can imagine a bald guy wearing some Custom One Pro's w/ out standing out. V-moda's m-100 or lp2 maybe. ATH-M50's. 
  3. Deviltooth
    I don't think anyone adds to their physical appeal by wearing headphones.  I've never heard a woman say: "I wasn't attracted to him until he put on his cans."
    If you're concerned about appearance go for some small IEMs.
  4. david1978jp
    Look for cheap, discount priced Philips O'Neill line. They have nice padding on top, sporty looking and very durable. Philips O'Neill lines were ignored here because they were sold at the (almost) listed price for two years. Now you can get them at 1/4 ~ 1/2 price. Sound wise: you can wear them all day, they won't bug you; which means, not offensive, not exciting, not cheap sounding, not too sharp, not too muddy; some call it meh, I call it all around.

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