HP unveils its first mobile wireless storage expander, the HP Pocket Playlist
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DVR to go

How would you like to stream your favorite shows, songs, or movies to five mobile devices—all without an assist from the internet? It’s possible, with the HP Pocket Playlist.
Lighter than most phones, the Pocket Playlist can hold 7,600 songs or 16 movies (take your pick) and stream its content to just about any device with wi-fi (including most Android, Windows, and iOS devices). By pre-recording or downloading content ahead of time from more than 50 websites, the Pocket Playlist acts like a mobile DVR while still comfortably fitting in a pocket, backpack, or purse.
The HP Pocket Playlist at CES 2013.
(Credit: Dong Ngo)

LAS VEGAS -- If you are a fan of wireless storage expander like the Seagate Satellite, Wireless Plus, or the Kingston Wi-Drive, you are in for another option.
HP announced today at CES 2013 the HP Pocket Playlist, a 32GB wireless pocket drive that comes with a built-in battery and wireless-N access point.
Similar to the rest of devices of the same type, the Pocket Playlist can stream unencrypted content, be it movies, music, TV shows or photos – to up to 5 mobile devices at the same time.
The HP Pocket Playlist is just about the size of the iPhone 4 but much lighter.
(Credit: Dong Ngo)
The device is very compact, in fact it's about the same size and much lighter than the iPhone 4. While 32GB is relatively limited, that's enough to hold some 16 full length movie, or 8,000 songs or 10,000 photos. It comes with mobile apps for Android, Windows and iOS devices.
I just had a brief time with the device but it seems to have lots of potential, mostly because it's looking, and is really very light. It will be available for purchase on the 15th of this month at the cost of $129. Check back then for a full review.

HP Pocket Playlist launches with wireless streaming to all your gadgets

CES 2013 Pocket rocket



Hockety pockety  
HP has added a new external storage gizmo to its line-up: the HP Pocket Playlist, which brings offline wireless media streaming to your various mobile devices.
It's basically a 32GB portable storage drive that can wirelessly connect and stream to up to five devices a the same time.
There's room on board for up to 16 full-length feature films, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos, giving you essentially the same storage space as most top-end smartphones.
What's interesting about the Pocket Playlist is that it plays nicely with PlayLater - a DVR-style product for online movie streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. This means you can cache a Netflix film to the HP Pocket Playlist then stream it offline to your phone or tablet later.

Is that a Pocket Playlist in your pocket?

The HP Pocket Playlist is compatible with most mobile Wi-Fi friendly devices, including those on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
The handy gadget has been given a US release date of February 15 along with a price tag of $129 - unfortunately there's no word on when or if the player will make it to other shores.


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