How you got into head-fi
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To be truthful i am still new to head-fi. I've had a few pairs of skullcandy hesh one died to a failed mugging, the other i got thru RMA, then those died due to cheap headband connection and i have my 3rd pair of hesh hehe. Skullcandy may be cheap and nothing special sq wise but their RMA is the best i have ever dealt with in any industry.

I've owned many DAPs starting from an ancient 64mb thing i got over 10 years ago lol to my current nano 2g and ipod video 30gb. Along with those I've gone thru many dozens of cheap head phones until i got my Senn eh150s which were my first real nice sounding head phones.

After researching over the past few months I've been lurking here learning a ton, so I've got a fioo e5 on the way as my first amp. As well as i have ordered everything i need to start making my own cables off amazon hehe. Oh yeah and i've also got nearly all i need to start making my own cmoy.

I'm just starting out and this is some addicting stuff lol.
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Ah, the memories.

I was never happy with bundled headphones, ever since my first Panasonic portable cassette player as a kid. When I was 17, I was given my first PCDP (a cheap Philips) and immediately went out to buy a pair of headphones for it. My lack of investigation led to a pair of over-priced street style Sonys. I was pleased for how much better they sounded than the free headphones, though. Off I went to varsity in New Zealand.

Soon enough, I was in the market for full-sized closed headphones, and stumbled onto HeadRoom via Google. There, I stumbled across HD201 and K26P. I bought a pair of HD201s and shelved K26P for future reference. Less than a year later, the Sonys were retired for the AKGs. At that point, I wanted to know more about headphones, thinking that my journey would eventually end in a pair of SR60s. Oh boy...

The quest for more information landed me in Head-Fi, where I discovered that lots of people didn't like HD201 and K26P. Gasp! What more could you ask for? Reading widely in Head-Fi, I learnt about all these different brands of headphone and amps and such, and as soon as I could afford it, I began sampling from the smorgasbord. Nomnomnom.

A year and a half later, HD201 and K26P are long gone. I fell in love with Denons, climbing from C351 to D2000 and Grados, and (largely thanks to Rednamalas1, who doesn't really post anymore) I had to have those beautiful wooden AT portables. There we are.
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I first heard of head-fi while doing research on my first mp3 player purchase. It was between the creative zen micro vs the apple ipod mini. I chose the creative based on what I read on head-fi and the fact that it fits in an altoids tin. I didn't really care what phones i used. My next visit to head-fi was when I wanted to upgrade to a new dap and this is when I really got into head-fi. I bought vmoda vibes, bass freqs, ep630, a clix2,ue 5 pros 2 months later, and shure se530s 3 months later. Then i took a break for about a year.

This christmas break I got into it again and bought some shure srh840s, ue 10, and a zune hd. Now I'm into it. My wallet doesn't agree with me.
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My decent started with my search for something other than an ipod, so I eventually found my way to ABI. From there, I stumbled to Headroom and started drooling over headphones and started my research on headphone amps. I picked up my some grado 80's this summer, and my appetite was only barely whetted. I found head-fi a couple months later and kicked myself for how much I paid for the SR80s ($165 new in Canada
). I've since picked up a few more pieces of gear, the most significant of which was the SRH840. I'm looking for an amp next, but no rush (impatient yes, but gotta mind the budget).
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i smoked pot one night.

that led to a downward spiral of purchasing various expensive headphones, amps and CD players. it's true. it really is the gateway drug.

in all seriousness, once you find your way to this site, however that may be, and read about and see all the amazing gear out there, it's all over. there is no turning back. soon after, you start to spend all your discretionary money on audio purchases. and for the items you can't afford, you obsess over them and sell/save until you can finally buy them. and that pattern continues in a seemingly infinite loop.
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I still remember it like it was yesterday... about 2 years ago now...

Since rest of my family members aren't generally too fond of loud music cranked up through speakers, I've always been a headphone guy; although back then I didn't know much better and happened to be content with bundled earbuds and my sisters old Sony closed fullsize headphones (forgot what they were called now). During my internship year I had to commute all the way to downtown T.O, which is an hour trip for me... and through public transit the bundled earbuds simply weren't good enough to block out noise. I then made my first $100+ purchase, the Sennheiser PXC150 noise cancelling headphones... after a week of being not too happy with it, I eventually exchanged them for something that was said to cut down noise better, the Shure e2c. After having some problems with the fit I searched around, and found Head-fi. Having now been acquainted with decent sound quality, I naturally looked to getting a fullsize headphone since IEM's were difficult to wear over long periods... so I finally signed up here so I can inquire about the SR60. And that's when it began officially for me I suppose.
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I just bought another new ipod before a 2 hr plane ride and a 10hr car ride from Oklahoma to New Mexico. The radio in the car had no means of connecting with the ipod (and it was a long trip...with no air conditioning or window tint...through texas and new mexico in 106 degree weather) so I had the crappy ibuds for company. As soon as I got home, I spent three or four hours looking for a pair of headphones under $40 that would be much better (14 hours with ibuds? hell.) I stumbled on head-fi, got a pair of little $10 senn mx100 or something, and 10 minutes later had px100's on the way along with KSC75's. A week later, i had a cmoy and LOD and then that was followed by a better paying job, a pair of RE0's and IE7's...and I think my appetite is only just whetted. (My poor, poor wallet.)

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