How well do the K701's work with Jazz?
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Apr 4, 2005
I have the HD600's and I have the upgrade but going and I'm either going to play it safe and just get the HD650's which I know I will love or I might step out and try the K701's if they will do well with jazz, blues, and classic rock which makes up the majority of the stuff I listen to currently.

Probably breaks down like this:

Jazz >>>> blues > rock

I'm heavilly leaning towards the HD650s but wanted some input from people that listen to the same type of music before making the plunge.

I'm also considering maybe just buying some HD650's outright and seeing if I can work a trade with my 600's + cash for some 701s and then I would have both to check out.....

...ahh the choices!
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Aug 3, 2003

"How well do the K701's work with Jazz?"

Very well!
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Nov 13, 2006
IMHO I find the 701's paired with a Heed Canamp and a little careful EQ from my Itunes at lossless compression give me a great performance of whatever I throw at them. I do like Jazz and Blues, so there are some really different sonic flavors going on between those two... the 701's really deliver what is in the recording. If its gritty, then it brings on the grit. If it is a smooth sax solo followed by female or male vocal, the 701's put me right in the front row, delivering every detail of the performance.

Now, I must tell you that sometimes you might think that the 701's lack emphasis in the bass, but that is what I like about it... it really just brings out the recording without delivering too much emphasis to one frequency range... the total performance is just outstanding.

650 IMO might at first blush seem more punchy, or authoritative in the bass, so to each their own. For me, give me the 701's and I am good for 2-3 albums without tiring of the bass.

Everyone has their own favorite flavor and this is no exception... Just make sure to let the 701's settle in for about 300 hours before you pass final judgement. And let your ears get used to them as well, and you will really grow fond of them over time.

I really dont need anything else to be very very happy with my music. Now, if you will excuse me, my well broken in 701's are calling to me... gotta go...

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