How to use Sennheiser cable winder?
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Jul 26, 2009
hey I just got my CX 400s and well how do you use the cable winder!?

Pics / video would be more than awesome!


PS. I google'd and found a thread on this very site, but that didn't help. So I decided to register and post again.
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i'm not sure if its the same cable-winder as the sennheiser mx400, but if it is you can put in the earpieces and let the uncoiled cable run out from the hole in the case. Shut the case. On the underside of the casing, there is a wheel which you can turn and the cable coils naturally into the case...

EDIT: oops. looks like its not...can't really help ya...ask ClieOS? he has tons on sennheiser iems..
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This is how I use it:

I'm not completely sure but this way it fits nicely in the bag. I've seen it done differently in some review but that didn't make any sense at all to me.

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