How to use my bluetooth headphones with PC?
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Aug 8, 2015
I bought Plantronics BackBeat Pro several months ago but still can't use them with my PC without wires.
First I bought this one thinking it would solve my problem:
I installed all kinds of bluetooth drivers (CSR, Toshiba, etc)
I just can't see my bluetooth headphones in the bluetooth devices while it's searching.
Then I bought this one:
Plugging it does absolutely nothing. Windows 7 doesn't recognize, or install anything for it. I found that it's called YET-M1 but the drivers I installed also didn't work. I also think this is not to send audio to my headphones but to receive them from an audio source.
Can you please tell me what I should be getting? Is it supposed to be called "bluetooth transmitter"? If so, how can I pair my headphones with that device as the headphones doesn't have the ability to choose what to pair it too.
Also I would like to find at least Bluetooth v2+ Class 1 if possible. If not Class 2 is ok.
Thanks a lot,
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You haven't said whether or not you can pair your headphones with other devices, such as a phone. I'm assuming you have tested that?
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Yeah I use it with my android phone htc one m8, and it works perfectly.
After some research I found this one:
Do you guys think this would work? Is this a good one to buy?
I checked many items and most of them seem very similar. AptX seem to be better than non-AptX, and AptX low latency seem better than AptX. So since I couldn't find a single Class 1 bluetooth transmitter, I thought the Aukey one is better.
I found a Azio dongle that claims to be Class 1 but it's a small dongle that can transmit up to 3Mbps so I assume it's not meant for music?
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I just got the aukey and anxiously tried it but I am getting a lot of noise when playing nothing, like a signal kind of noise, not high pitch but also not constant tone. More like a few different noises are layered on top which is very irritating.
Any way to fix this? Or should I return it? It's very frustrating :frowning2:

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