How to tweek the volume & Bass on my Fiio x3 2nd Gen?
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Aug 29, 2015
Hey all,
Finally received my Fiio x3 and to be honest, its so easy to navigate and use. Much easier then the Ipod and thank god I do not have to use iTunes. However, I have noticed the audio and bass is not as good as it is on my iPod. Now I tweek the audio within iTunes to make it louder, but does the Fiio have this option to make the audio louder and more bass? I have played around with the EQ in the Fiio  but it seems to sound louder and better without any of the EQs turned on lol.
Apart from that, sound is crisp and clear, and I will admit the audio files I'm using are not the best quality, but still I notice a difference, using same headphones.
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What headphones do you use with the X3 II for you to need more volume? I do have the X1 myself and it could even drive the HE-560 to satisfactory loudness levels. The amp on the X3 II is even more powerful.
My guess is that you are used to heavier bass than most and that the X3 II is just too neutral for your tastes.
I don't know how the equalizer on the X3 II exactly works, but it makes sense for the loudness to be deminished when the EQ goes up because there might be distortion in the sound otherwise.
You might have your gain settings on 'Low'. You might have to change that to 'High' if you want more volume out of your device.
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My tests show it is only louder without EQ. I adjust the sound down with an amp after resetting to no eq, and it is the same as any other eq change on other devices. Is there a way to have more than one custom eq?
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That's really very clever, thanks very much!

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