How To: The Yay! Factor
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I tend to do the same stuff practically daily: checking e-mail and some forums, perhaps a movie, do some shopping, listening to music, some reading, maybe some gaming. The most usual of usual. Sometimes I meet up with a friend or get hugs from my recently acquired toy girl. I do have a job too albeit only 3 days a week at the moment. Im bored. The last couple of days I am really bored. I have these kind of days every month or 2 months or so. I hate the frikkin routine of all these things and I dont seem to have the creativity or maybe perseverance to get into other stuff which I think would put some Yay! Factor into my life. I wouldnt know what to do in the first place. Im sure theres people who recognize this so what is your advice and how do you deal with this?

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Originally Posted by moriez /img/forum/go_quote.gif
...or get hugs from my recently acquired toy girl.

Umm... that's either creepy or creepier, but I say with some apprehension that you should spend more time with the girl.
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Start playing an instrument. Could keep you busy for a lifetime...
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Explore around you. Grab a friend with some time, find a place that sounds interesting online or while last exploring like a coffee shop, record store, or restuarant, and go there. At worst, the place stinks and you get to enjoy talking about it with your friend. At best, you meet new people, make more friends, learn new things, and now know of an awesome place to take that toy girl.
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I don't know what's scarier -- that you referred to your girlfriend as a "toy" or as "acquired".

Step 1: Reevaluate your views on relationships.
Step 2: Heavily.
Step 3: With a psychologist who specializes in relationships.
Step 4: Begin a real relationship (maybe with the current girlfriend if she is willing to stick with you through all that -- doubtful, since she's new).

EDIT: Oh god, unless you mean an actual toy. . . .
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Find someone you can really love, and that you end up doing just that..

..then lose her. I guarantee your life will do a 180 right there

I want routine back
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Here's a small tip, but it helps me in times like this. Just wipe your mp3 player and fill it with things you've never heard, things you've meant to listen to for ages. Bands you've heard in passing.

Even if you hate half of it, it'll help you...
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Thanks for your contributions guys. Appreciate it. I actually bought a guitar yesterday so thanks for that "reminder" nor_spoon. I wanted to do that for a long time now. Also the voluntary work I am attracted too. To the guys that I creeped out when I said toygirl/acquired. Thats just a way of saying that I met a girl recently who I share the bed with and it ends there. Relationships are not for me. I also rediscovered yesterday that I should listen better to my innervoice and stay away more from the computer. It was a good day

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