How to stream 24/96 music via media server
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Jan 19, 2008
I am trying to figure out the best way to stream 24/96 ALAC files from my media server. Currently all my music is stored in Plex and i have the plex ios apps on all my devices. 
What I have:
1. Headphones
2. Little Dot MKIII and Little Dot I+ Amps
3. iPad Air 2
4. iPhone 4s
5. Media server running Plex 
I will be getting a DAC in the next week but waiting to decide on setup so I can choose the correct configuration (USB/Toslink)
I do not own a laptop or else this would be very easy :)
The configurations I know of:
1. Stream via Plex ios app to iOS and use line-out (30 pin adapter for iPad) to connect to DAC
2. Use Plex ios app to airplay to Airport Express and use USB/Toslink to connect to DAC
If I understand correctly, the options above will down-sample the music. Am I wrong?
What other options do I have to make this all work without a laptop. I am okay with switching to something other than Plex if needed.

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