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How to stop or prevent current leakage from PSU's unearthed AC plug?

  1. kkl10
    I can feel it on the metal case of my SMSL SAPII TPA6120A2 amp with my fingers when I use it with its stock 24V 0.5A PSU. Feels like tiny vibrations. The AC plug of this power supply is the C type used in Europe.

    Is there a way to stop this leakage without replacing the psu?

    And can this leakage affect sound quality in some way (ground loops, I guess)?

    I find it strange that manufacturers ship so many products with ungrounded plugs, even audio manufacturers. IFI ships all their iPower PSU's with ungrounded plugs, for example.

    Why is that and what the hell are we supposed to do about it?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  2. Speedskater
    Only components with double insulated enclosures (square within a square safety symbol) should use two conductor AC cords.
  3. kkl10
    Oh, I just noticed that my amp's psu does not have this symbol... is it a serious safety risk? Fortunately, I managed to replaced it with a new earthed 24v AC adapter. No more current leakage that I can tell.

    A few other AC adapters I have here do have this symbol, but still cause current leakage... is this because I'm connecting them to F type (earthed) sockets or would there still be leakage even if I connected them to non-earthed sockets?

    Pardon my ignorance...
  4. Speedskater
    Well it's like automobile seat belts, when something goes wrong it's good to have them.

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