How to simple match volume beetwen players for testing
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May 1, 2015
Hi, can you reccomend me the best way to match volume setting for testng, maybe there an another way than by ear ? I need this for test, using fiio hs2 headphone source switcher. The only way i know is to do it by music/sine tone (do you have a good sine tone file somewhere, cause i have two fies and one is raising in amplitudę after some time and second have a voice on the beginning so i dont trust tchem :p)
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Jan 30, 2011
Use this site -
You can download the tone as a wav file.
As far as volume matching goes - this is what I do (copied and pasted from a PM to someone else)
  First you'd need one of these - (that is the exact model I use)
Now download and load onto the DAP test tones (I use this site - - I have a 300 Hz tone, a 1kHz tone and a 3kHz tone - but the 1kHz tone is the one I use most often.
Set your music at a comfortable listening level on one DAP (using music you want to test)
Now connect the IEM to the SPL meter, and play your 1kHz test tone - record the SPL output on the meter
Unplug from the first DAP and play the same tone on the 2nd DAP.  Adjust volume until the 2 DAPs match exactly at 1kHz - or within 0.1 dB
You can now switch between the two DAPs by quickly unplugging and replugging (make sure its the same track and same position on both) - and don't touch the volume level!
I connect the IEMs to the SPL meter using a small home-made rolled tube (it's just stiff paper), and the largest tips I have.  The tips hold the IEMs securely.  I make sure they are just touching the end of the meter. When unplugging and replugging (during the set-up) make sure you only touch the jack, and that the IEMs don't move inside the tube.
Here's a quick pick:

For full sized headphones - I keep the windsock on the SPL meter - carefully position the two earpieces around the windsock so that they essentially sandwich it - then use a rubber band to hold them together.
Then just use the same test method.
Hopefully that helps.


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