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How To: Sign-Up & Access Qobuz on Android devices in U. S. (anywhere outside current beta service area)*UAPP discount link works as well*

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lmservas, Jan 20, 2019.
  1. lmservas
    While officially the "Qobuz Beta" is still closed to those of us in the US, I was able to successfully sign-up for my one month trial via the link in UAPP and now have a completely functional Qobuz Android app. The following steps will explain how to use a VPN to spoof your location (I used a server in London, so that's what we will use here) and successfully obtain a working account. Note that according to the Qobuz site and my experience so far once you've completed the sign-up process and logged in to the app and/or through UAPP it is no longer necessary to use the VPN in order to utilize your apps.

    1. Download the modified ExpressVPN .apk file I've attached below. This apk is modified to allow for unlimited premium trials, all that you need to do is open the app and enter any email address when prompted. (If it says trial expired just try a new email address until successful.)


    2. ExpressVPN will suggest a smart location close to your actual one but we want to click on the location bar and under "All Locations" select "Europe" > "London" and then connect to this server.

    3. **It is imperative that you do NOT navigate to the Qobuz website or download the app until after you've connected to the VPN** If you have UAPP there's a link that appears when you select Qobuz that will give you one free month of HiFi service. I used this but it does not matter whether you use this or you simply navigate to the website and register without the offer. Complete the sign-up process.

    4. Download the Qobuz app from the Google Play Store and sign in through the app (if you are going to use the UAPP front end sign in there as well). Be sure to select and play a title within the app, then you can close all apps being sure to close the website tab as well and then it is safe to disconnect from ExpressVPN.

    Going forward you shouldn't have any issues streaming with the apps whether using a VPN or not. Enjoy!

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