how to sell a hiend amplifier
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Jun 28, 2001
u guys just have to read this

Se 9 amplifier


Excellent as an amplifier for individuals with discerning tastes but small budget
Ideal for putting a high-end system in secondary listening areas
Great for applications where music is not played loud (e.g. office)
The ideal amplifier for a woman - elegant, beautiful, takes very little space
Matches your decor... adds a touch of class
A romantic electronic product - think of them as "apartment fireplaces"
A great gift for your daughter or son - especially when you are sending them to a college dorm.
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Feb 24, 2002
Maybe it's just me, but I really like the way they've presented the nOhr SE-9. It's not a high end amp (it's the cheapest assembled 9 watt SET amp I've seen), but it is nice looking and SET amps generally sound good. I think their whole approach is refreshing. The emphasis on aesthetics is a nOhr trademark; it's how they survive in the speaker business.

Personally, I'm more offended by the Antique Sound Labs marketing, trying to pass off their rock-bottom-cheapest stuff as hifi. They should be honest and say that the Wave monoblocks need a few mods to sound halfway decent and not noisy. On the other hand, if they started advertising them as being perfect for a college dorm room, I'd really respect that. Honesty is refreshing.

(BTW, I realize the SE-9 is not a real SET amp; it's a single ended pentode design.)

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