How to Rip DVD/Blu-Ray into High-Resolution tracks in different formats
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Oct 14, 2013

Hello there !
You have came here, whether by being a member of head-fi, or just googling onto this subject ! Welcome to the thread as the first part of getting your HR audio tracks on the go.  I will show you how to Rip and convert all type of DVD and Blurays Song tracks from Music, movies....etc
There are Two types of Bluray Ripper
Leawo Blu-ray Ripper
This will allow you to "Navigate" and "Preview", then "Cut" the special part of that "Movie" to convert into "Other types" of Music Videos, or High-Resolution Audio File...such as FLAC, WAV....etc
It has only limited types of Audio conversions, sample rates, and bit rates will be very limited
This software however does not let you Navigate into "Sub Chapters"  You will have to watch the whole Bluray to decide where to cut ......
It will also have a Limited Trial run
PavTube ByteCopy
This will allow you to navigate into "Sub Chapters."  Say into the movie, and you want to skip to the end where credits are due, there is background track, and you want you can find it.
This software allow higher quality Audio conversions, sample rates upto 96000, and bit rates to 256000
Now, I will not go too deep into how to "Skillfully" use those above programs, you find out for yourself.  It is where the fun is, right ? After all we are "Enthusiast !"  This thread will be here for people who have questions to voice up, and others will "answer" as it progress.
Next is how to Convert, Edit, Upconvert....etc your Audio Tracks
This will allow you to clip, edit, fade-in, fade-out.....pitch.....clips....etc...etc.  Almost like a Professional grade editor, completely Free
Next is how to Edit, Name, Create Album Art coverage onto your Tracks, with Artists.....etc.....
I will throw this out here as well, as I have been using windows 7....and I believe since 7, windows don't allow people to freely name, and edit their FLAC files....unless you have gone through all 12 steps to be the Owner of the files...etc.
This will allow you to Name, Edit, Drag Album picture coverage into your Tracks....etc, and display it into your DAP !!!
Both of the above Rippers will allow you to Rip just about Anything Digital!!
There, you have it....Enjoy.
Feel free to discuss, ask, answer, add more programs if you know any.  Thank you !!
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I have a question, the standard dvd audio on dualdisc are 16/48 or 24/48?

It depends which tracks we are talking about lossy or lossless.
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DVD-A side could be 24/48 24/96 24/192 just like the a regular DVD-A disc, depending on how many channels are encoded.
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I'm not sure how to check for that on a DualDisc
The disc label often does note it,also since this is a thread about ripping, the DVDAE ripping software will also show those details.

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